Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces Introduces New Ready-to-Eat Vegan Soups

 Responding to an increasing appetite for plant-based soups, Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces has created a variety of ready-to-eat vegan soups for the food service industry. Delivering the finest fresh soup on the market, offered in refrigerated food service packs, the company introduces such vegan options as: Tom Kha, Thai coconut lime, African almond with sweet potato and kale, broccoli and cheese, creamy mushroom, butternut and sweet potato, and loaded potato. All are vegan approved with fresh and unique flavors, ready to serve to restaurants and grocers nationwide.

Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces was created more than a decade ago by Kevin Fortun, a trendsetter in food development and former founder and president of Stockpot Soups. Following the sale of Stockpot Soups in 1998 to Campbell Soup Company, Fortun met the need to develop high-end soups and sauces for today’s selective consumers. In fact, vegetarian ready-to-eat soup currently accounts for nearly one-third of the overall ready-to-eat soup market, owing to the shift in consumer demand for vegan food products.

Fortun’s chef inspired soups are created from all natural, one-to-one concentrates with fresh vegetables, real stock and cream, plus no added preservatives, artificial ingredients or MSG, resulting in the finest fresh soups on the market.

Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces is located at 6513 132nd Ave. NE, #394, in Kirkland, Washington. For details, contact Mary Shepard at 503-539-1801,, or visit

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