“Scourged Souls,” a Civil War Historical Fiction by Keith N. Corman, Will Be Adapted into an Audiobook

Listen to how the Civil War and all other wars shaped the lives of people many miles away from the battlefields.

“Scourged Souls” (ReadersMagnet; 2019) by Keith Niles Corman will hit the audiobook listener’s ears in the next few weeks. The war drama fiction takes place during the latter part of the American Civil War and is told through several characters whose lives are intertwined because of the war. Among them are Obadiah Washington, a freed slave who works as a blacksmith; Auggie Greive, a son of German immigrants in southern Indiana who wants to fight for his new homeland; and Nell Wilkerson, a teenager whose father decides to lead a group of soldiers, her fiancée among them, into war.

Keith Niles Corman’s Civil War historical fiction “Scourged Souls” has been well-received by the book review press. Kristi Elizabeth of the Manhattan Book Review gave the book 5 stars, saying the book “makes the reader think more about the people behind the war, and not so much about the war itself.”

“What I really enjoyed about this book is that it gives the reader the perspective of both sides of the war, from the viewpoints of both Union and Confederate soldiers, their families, and their friends… Does anyone ever really win in war? The sadness that is felt by both sides in this story is overwhelming and brought tears to my eyes,” Elizabeth wrote in her review.

Anthony Avina of Pacific Book Review is also all praise for “Scourged Souls,” calling it “a powerful and well-written work that everyone should read.” He commended the author for highlighting the personal consequences war has on families, friends, neighbors, and loved ones while the soldiers are fighting on the front lines.

“This book showcases how even after all these centuries, war still impacts us just as hard today and the families of those brave soldiers as much as it did back then… It was insightful and engaging to read the stories of the Civil War from a completely fresh and new perspective, exploring a group of people that are often overlooked as the focus of the infamous war focuses primarily on those on the battlefields.”

Listen to how war continues to impact society socially, emotionally, and culturally. Keith Niles Corman’s “Scourged Souls” is available on http://www.keithcormanbooks.com

Scourged Souls
Author | Keith Niles Corman
Published date | June 5, 2019
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Paperback price | $8.90

Author Bio

Keith N. Corman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953 and raised in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, where he lived until 1975. At that time, he married his wife, Martha Gail Muncy. After six years of marriage, they became parents of their daughter, Amanda K. Corman.

Keith, retired from 30 years of public service and 40 years as a political activist, has started a consulting company in Cincinnati in regards to economic development and inter-modal logistics. During his lifetime Keith, has had a keen interest in history, philosophy, politics and his faith. He also is an advocate of the railroad industry, public education of America’s transportation industry focusing on the jobs they do and individual safety awareness. In his spare time, Keith photographs railroads, models railroading based on prototype principles, historical research and writing both books and poetry. His children’s book Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is inspired by his love of railroads.