Sonoton Music launches rebrand

Sonoton Music, the world’s largest independently owned Production Music library, rebrands with the launch of a new version of the music search system. The major redesign improves every aspect of how to search for music, includes indepth tools for client project management and has an online license shop.

Sonoton Music has been serving global Audio-Visual creatives since 1965 and is incredibly proud of innovation being at the heart of the business. To realize the company`s dream of a simple, function-focused music search system with a captivating aesthetic, the team has worked with the Berlin-based MetaDesign agency. The result is the best music search system released to date and comes with a refreshing new look which marks the dawning of a new era in the history of the company.

“We are extremely excited”, say MetaDesign, “to see the launch of the new Sonoton brand that encapsulates the essence of the innovation and expertise the company has built over the past 55 years. The result of our user-focused, iterative and intensely collaborative work together brings the brand into a new era, demonstrating the possibilities of uniting complex utility and excellence in design with the soul and self-awareness of a company that put production music libraries on the map.”

The rebranding coincides with the recent appointment of Alex Black as new CEO of Sonoton Music: “The team has listened to their clients and publishing partners and reimagined how the music search engine works. This is the natural evolution for a company that launched their first search engine before ‘MP3’s’ and ‘streaming services’ existed!”

The visual vibrancy of the brand refresh draws on elements from the company’s history and is designed to shine a light on the music. The Sonoton Music catalogues are a rich and diverse music resource which includes the most comprehensive library of authentic world music, orchestral recordings from world-renowned orchestras and studios including London’s Abbey Road. A huge back catalog of contemporary library music and original commercial recordings from 60’s artists like Nelson Riddle and Acker Bilk through to shares on Drake, Chance The Rapper and Dexter & DJ Friction recordings.

About Sonoton Music

Sonoton Music was founded by Rotheide and Gerhard Narholz in Munich and is today the largest independent music library in the world. The company owns exclusive rights to more than 130,000 works from all genres. Hundreds of composers, musicians and producers around the globe ensure that the library grows by more than 100 albums of all kinds of music, styles, instrumentations and genres every year. In addition, more than 150 albums are added each year from international catalogues. More than 35 agents worldwide license the use of its music for TV, film, advertising, internet productions and sampling. Music by Sonoton can be found in the Netflix series Unorthodox, feature films such as Tenent and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, as well as countless other productions.