Somatic Experiencing Pro, Trauma Researcher, & Attorney Rebecca Stahl Shares Their Life Story & Industry Insights on NoBull Marketing’s “Evolving with The Times” Podcast

 NoBull Marketing today announced a recently released hour-long interview with Rebecca Stahl – a veteran attorney and somatic experiencing practitioner who’s devoting her career to helping legal professionals better understand and work with their clients and their own trauma.

“I went into the legal profession specifically to work with children with a dream of giving children a voice in the court process… After discovering Somatic Experiencing as a tool to heal from trauma and stress, I soon realized that my day job was to traumatize children and that I had to find a better way.” -Rebecca Stahl.

“By 2031, I hope to see a future where the legal system is more aware and understanding of both the lawyer and the client’s humanity… including our animal instincts that mean we sometimes don’t respond well to difficult situations… and that people receive support instead of shame for that.” – Rebecca Stahl.

The interview dives deep into Rebecca’s career and insights such as:

Why Rebecca Broke Down in Tears During Their First Somatic Experience Session

The Nuances of What It Means to be “Trauma Informed”

The Future Rebecca Hopes to Create in Embracing All of What It Means to be Human

Access The Interview Here:

About NoBull Marketing: NoBull Marketing is a growth marketing agency specialized in helping peacemaking family lawyers add 2-15 new cases every single month. Through the “Evolving With The Times” podcast, we’re interviewing changemakers such as Colin Rule (, mediation pioneer Woody Mosten, and Ron Baker (The Soul of Enterprise) to stay on top of how family law is evolving in response to a more emotionally enlightened market.

About Rebecca Stahl: Rebecca is a veteran attorney, Somatic Experiencing Board of Directors Board Chair, and professionally trained somatic experience practitioner who’s devoted their life to studying the relationship between trauma and the legal field in an effort to protect vulnerable children and families throughout the often emotionally challenging legal process. In their upcoming new venture, this guest will be stepping into the realm of professional coaching to more directly work with lawyers to help them understand their role in helping clients and themselves with long held and deeply felt stress better cope with the strenuous legal process and to teach lawyers how they can use this knowledge to achieve better and faster outcomes.

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