SkillAngels Announces Free Access to “Skills of the Future” Assessments for School Students

Amidst the pandemic, schools, parents, and educational leaders have increasingly accepted the importance of self-directed learning and the power of innovation. They are now looking to equip young minds with solid cognitive foundations for holistic development. According to the Future of Jobs survey 2020, world economic forum, The top 5 skills of 2025 include Analytical thinking and innovation, Active learning and learning strategies, Complex problem solving, Critical thinking and analysis, Creativity, Originality, and initiative.

“We recognize this emerging need and are offering free immersive Higher Order Thinking Skill Assessments (HOTS) for students of ages 6 – 13 years worldwide. HOTS is the fundamental foundation for the Skills of the Future and applicable across domains, be it academic, language, coding, robotics, sports, or music, to cite a few examples. Through the Free ‘Skills of the Future’ assessment program, students shall have the opportunity to become aware and engage in new ways of thinking to prepare them for a great future,” says Saravanan Sundaramoorthy, Founder,

“Assessing & training Higher Order Thinking Skills of students, gears students to develop Skills of the Future, giving them a quantum leap for life,” says Sarav Founder, by Edsix BrainLab

He further adds, “Today’s technology-enabled learning ecosystem provides easy access to the subject matter of global standards anytime and anywhere. This flipped, non-traditional classroom environment demands students to become independent and self-directed learners,” and SkillAngels helps to hone the required Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Through the free immersive HOTS assessment initiative, Sarav and his team ensure providing the necessary support to schools, parents, educators to understand and build pathways for higher-order thinking skills development among young minds.

This initiative aligns with the 21st-century skill-implementing goals of leading world organizations and the focal point of global curricula. Emerging National Education Policies (NEP) in countries such as India and curriculum in countries including US, UK, Australia, Singapore lay focus in integrating and advancing High Order Thinking Skills in (HOTS) curriculum to deliver better learning outcomes.

“Intelligence is not incidental but incremental. While knowledge does not sum up intelligence, skills plus knowledge does,” believes Sarav. SkillAngels, a game-based platform from Edsix BrainLab, is accredited by for Higher Order Thinking Skills and available in multiple languages, including Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi & Tamil, for enabling access to more children.

About SkillAngels

With 1000+ age and grade-appropriate games for 6 – 13 years, SkillAngels from Edsix BrainLab is an industry leader in Higher Order Thinking Skills development.

SkillAngels is accredited by, USA for Higher Order Thinking Skills to assess and enhance seven core skills and 25+ key sub-skills for Higher-Order thinking for students, including students with special needs.

The game-based puzzles of Edsix BrainLab intricately imbibe fundamental principles of higher-order thinking such as Identifying a problem, Gathering information, Evaluating options, Identifying assumptions, Drawing inferences, and Deriving solutions.

The platform is evidence-based, and benefits are multifold: Game-based engaging platform, AI-based personalized learning, Early development of thinking pathways assessed in high stakes exams, Enhances Foundational Numeracy, Literacy, Verbal Reasoning skills and builds the foundation to develop new-age skills such as Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical thinking and Decision making.

With games played over 40 million times, SkillAngels is a trusted partner to support parents and educators impart new ways of learning by aligning with national education policies and transform students into creators than consumers. Their ultimate aim is to jointly build a purposeful learning foundation for students that can genuinely address future demands.