The Golden Age That was The Sixties and the Seventies

Genre: History: Society, Sports, Celebrities, Special Moments
Target Audience: Everyone who enjoys historic people.

About the Author
Walt Brown was a successful radio/TV sportscaster and TV news director during the last half of the twentieth century. He broadcast more than twenty different sports, including Major League Baseball, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, as well as auto racing and the Olympic trials. He interacted with major athletes, coaches, movie stars, celebrities and won an Emmy and other awards.

Walt attended Stanford University with a Navy ROTC Scholarship. Following college, Walt served four years, as a naval officer; two at sea and two doing sports play-by-play. He has a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a master’s degree in visual communication from Arizona State University, where he studied with photographers from National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Arizona Highways. Walt was a TV news director, leading the second highest rated newsroom in the nation. He has won an Emmy and a number of other awards.

He is published as both a photographer and a poet, as well as having written the book, “Athletes, Celebrities, Personal Moments: The 60s and 70s.” He has kissed the Blarney Stone, been bitten by a killer tse-tse fly, and climbed the Great Wall of China.