ALT 5 Sigma and BankLine Announce Partnership to Bring Digital Asset Platform to Bitcoin ATMs

ALT 5 Sigma Inc., a global fintech that provides next generation blockchain powered technologies for the trading, clearing, settlement, payment, and insured custodianship of digital instruments, announced today it has formed an exclusive partnership with BankLine, the only crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant depository institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the crypto industry.

Through the partnership, ALT 5 Sigma will provide its flagship products, ALT 5 Prime Enterprise, ALT 5 Liquidity and ALT 5 Pay. ALT 5 Prime Enterprise is a complete “white label crypto exchange” with best price execution and a branded Visa/Mastercard designed to enhance user experience and increase customer retention. ALT 5 Liquidity offers the Bitcoin ATM Industry to ability to receive best price execution either through an OTC Desk and or through a complete integration via FIX APIs, whereas the ALT 5 Pay service enables the integration of crypto payment and all three services are available in a branded “white label” deployment.

“We look forward to working with the exciting team at BankLine and their customers at creating more efficient and innovative products in the ever-changing land of digital assets,” said Richard Groome, ALT 5 Sigma’s Executive Chairman.

“Alt 5 Sigma and BankLine are a perfect fit,” said Mark Ochab, President and CEO of BankLine. “BankLine is focused on delivering innovative technologies, banking, and related services to the BTM industry. The ALT 5 Sigma platform will allow our BTM customers to transform from a single purpose cash-based kiosk into a full-service exchange, delivering a comprehensive suite of services and payment options to their customers.”

The Visa and Mastercard programs enable banks and other institutions using ALT 5 Sigma’s trading platform to offer branded Visa and/or Mastercard credit cards to their registered end users which are linked to their digital assets’ accounts. ALT 5 Prime clients will be able to use the cards at any retailer globally that accepts the cards as payments, as well as any ATMs globally.

About ALT 5 Sigma

ALT 5 Sigma is a global fintech that provides next generation blockchain powered technologies for the trading, clearing, settlement, payment, and insured custodianship of digital instruments. ALT 5 was founded by financial industry specialists out of the necessity to provide the digital asset economy with security, accessibility, transparency, and compliance. ALT 5 provides its clients the ability to buy, sell and hold digital assets in a safe and secure environment deployed with the best practices of the financial industry. ALT 5 Sigma’s products and services are available to Banks, Broker Dealers, Funds, Family Offices, Professional Traders, Retail Traders, Digital Asset Exchanges, Digital Asset Brokers, Blockchain Developers, and Financial Information Providers. ALT 5’s digital asset custodian services are secured by Fireblocks. Learn more at or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About BankLine

BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant financial institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the Crypto industry. BankLine’s network of Crypto-friendly banks and services helps mitigate the threat of bank discontinuance and provides ongoing, sustainable and scalable banking and support services.

Each BankLine customer has a direct relationship at a FDIC insured depository institution. The accounts are titled in the business entity’s name and are exclusive for the entity’s activity.

BankLine’s BTM clients have access to full-service banking solutions at a FDIC insured financial institution, contracting more than 250 Loomis, Brinks, and Garda Cash Vault facilities, servicing well over 25,000 BTM locations across the USA and its territories.

BankLine is now expanding Crypto-friendly banking and armored cash logistics services to the EU, UK, as well as Central and South America. Learn more at

(917) 647-1810

Sigma Chi Chapter at Cal State Pomona Raises $100,000 to Fight Cancer

The Theta Sigma Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity located at California State Polytechnic University Pomona announced today that it has raised over $100,000 to help its philanthropy, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah.

“Sigma Chi has a goal to raise $20,000,0000 to help fund the new Kathryn, F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers. The amount of funding raised by the Cal Poly chapter is absolutely amazing and places it as one of the top chapters in Sigma Chi history to have ever reached this goal! To do this in a virtual environment was never expected, but this is phenomenal.” – Jerry Nelson, Director of Sigma Chi Alumni Giving and Special Projects at Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

The American Cancer Society reported in 2019 that approximately 39 out of 100 men and 38 out of 100 women will develop cancer during their lifetime in the U.S. Although there are cancer incidences in both sexes, there are cancers only women can get and ones that they are more susceptible to getting.

Theta Sigma’s Philanthropy Chairman and incoming President of the Theta Sigma Chapter, Cole Gerber said, “We are extremely humbled by the amount of generosity shown by all donors. We did something truly special and I really cannot put into words how thankful we are. We want to be the generation to end cancer. Every dollar raised helps us to reach that goal and save the amazing women in our lives.”

“We could not have achieved this without the extraordinary digital outreach and support of the sororities, family members and alumni of this chapter. We were also able to help the local community by hosting a Cedars-Siani held blood drive and platelet drive.” – Bryan Engdahl, Past President of the Theta Sigma Chapter.

“In these extraordinary and somewhat difficult times, it is awesome to see that the heart of giving still exists. The leadership required to raise $100,000 in sixty days is something the men of the Theta Sigma Chapter should be very proud of.” – Ryan Rogers, Chapter Advisor of the Theta Sigma Chapter

Sigma Chi is encouraging people in the community to help be the generation to end cancer by donating here:

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is an NCI-designated cancer research facility and hospital located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scientists at the institute aim to understand cancer at a molecular and genetic level and strive to find new and more effective ways to treat this disease. A treatment approach based on genetic knowledge allows for more targeted, individualized cancer therapies.