Shire Productions’ British Actress Narrates Dogsledding Documentary “Heartprints in the Snow”

 Janine Gateland gives an exceptional performance narrating the dogsledding documentary “Heartprints in the Snow.” She said, “It’s a very moving documentary that shows you so much about the sport that I never personally knew. I had so much fun working on the project and being a part of it. There is a lot of controversy over dogsledding so it’s important that we get the message out there that this is a very safe and fun sport for the dogs and their team.”

The show’s creator and host Robert Michael, highlights the unique sport and the special bond that is formed between musher and dog. He says, “It’s a documentary that is different from the rest. There have been plenty of movies made on the bonds such as ‘8 Below’ and ‘Call of the Wild.’ But none highlight the extreme bond between man and dog in this very healthy sport as a documentary. Janine takes you on the journey from Michigan to Texas to Los Angeles.”

Ms. Gateland has also just finished filming the TV series “Girl Chill.” Playing, Amy, a 30 something looking for love in the big city. Currently in post-production, the show is set for big things.

Janine is also set to perform in many Shire Productions movies and TV shows.

“Heartprints in the Snow” aired on Monday throughout Michigan on the Muskegon Channel. But you can still catch it On Demand with Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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