ShibX: A Rebase Shiba Inu Rewards Token.

ShibX is the first Shiba Inu rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain. Not only is the ShibX token a utility rewards token which benefits holders, but the rebase functionality with regards to the elastic supply offers steadier and exponential growth – allowing the token itself the ability to keep growing at a rapid rate. The ShibX token is very unequaled and with a very motivated team to reach the short-term goals of the project, it’s already evident that the ShibX project as a whole means business and is here to become a pioneer in the industry Not only is it incredibly innovative with their Shiba Inu rewards system, but the team has helped communicate their vision and plans for the project with their ever-present and extremely active community. For a project in such infancy the team has already accomplished so much, they are aspiring to insure their investors are happy and comfortable with the growth of their investments by relying on and investing in the ShibX project. 

A Successful launch:

For the ShibX team they know how crucial it is to pull off a very successful launch especially on the BSC, SHibX was launched on the 10th of October on Pancake Swap, not only was the launch very successful but what followed proved the work ethic and efficiency of the team to get everything necessary done to succeed. The ShibX team has kept an open line of communication with their hyped community throughout this whole journey, they have reassured their investors they are not going anywhere and they want to provide further stability to the Shiba Inu ecosystem. While being a rebase token can sometimes be alarming to people, the steady rise which this particular rebase token has followed should really set the course for the future ahead, the team is doing everything necessary to follow up on their promises and the marketing thus far from the team has been exceptional and run very smooth. While a rebase token with its elastic supply can shrink your token holdings the real utility comes from the Shiba Inu rewards which everybody in the crypto space is loving Shiba Inu and the ShibX holders get it just from holding, believing, and watching the project grow to heights not many could imaging are possible. With over a $6 million market cap as the all-time high, the team has provided extra utility on their website through the dashboard function they have which can track your rewards and also displays the amount of Shib received by holders. The initial volume of launch carried right through in the very successful few days that followed. The taxes of the ShibX token are the same for buy and sell. There is a 6% redistribution of Shib to holders, 5% to marketing, 2% to liquidity, and 2% to dev and the Shiba rewards have been plentiful for the ShibX holders. 

Huge marketing push since launch:

The ShibX team underpromises and has over-delivered anything they’ve said since launch. The team not only got a Coin Gecko listing shortly after launch but they also managed to pull off a Coin Market Cap listing within under an hour, which really speaks volumes to the credibility and esteem of the project itself. These types of listings don’t happen so efficiently unless these platforms notice the true intrinsic value of the token which is being listed. The ShibX token has also been regularly trending on Dextools which really shows the commitment of the community they are forming, it is a very energetic and passionate team that has been relayed perfectly to the community. You can really feel the energy from the community and their passion for such a fantastic project in such early days. The presale evidently of 150n BNB sold out in minutes which illustrates the sheer excitement and belief of the community and investors in the project and team itself. The liquidity has been locked for an initial 90 days and the team has expressed their intent to lock it for a much longer period.

Why do you Rebase?

Dividend rewarding contracts have a big flaw and that’s due to automatic sales caused by redistribution which causes a natural decline in the chart and when there is no volume this unwanted feature tends to eat away at projects which may have a sustainable model but the token contract itself is flawed through the dividend process happening from the contract to get all the holders their rewards. Rebasing at the right time can reverse the panic sales and makes the chart look healthy! Combined with manual buybacks the FOMO is real and the hype is warranted. Our holders can be happy and assured that the Shib will always come with ShibX and that the rebasing helps to steady the chart and allow it to keep growing at a much steadier pace than most reward tokens. They are very flawed and ShibX has highlighted the need for improvement and the ShibX project really illustrates the necessary improvement. 

ShibX token overview:

The ShibX team are a completely transparent and passionate team which are very dedicated to making this project successful, they provide full transparency with the marketing they have implemented so far and have done an extremely overwhelming job when it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of doing the marketing push, I don’t think that ShibX investors could’ve quite expected the week they’ve had so far, they’ve been absolutely spoiled and this is just the beginning of a very innovative and unique project which could potentially become part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem which is a massive deal, considering the originality of the project and its direct association with Shib. The 2,215,302,659,303 token supply may change at any time but you can be assured in your investment that the team will keep that growing while you build up you through utility with Shib dividends.

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