Sheriff Richard Jones Endorses Matt King for State Representative

 Constitutional Carry went into effect in the State of Ohio on June 13, 2022. Celebrating this great occasion, Matt King, candidate for Ohio State Representatives, held an event at Right 2 Arm Firearms in Liberty Township with Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Sheriff Jones, the head law enforcement official in the County, announced his endorsement for Matt King for State Representative. (Click here to watch announcement video)

“I’m very proud to be here and make my announcement that I am supporting Matt King for State Representative for not only this community but to go up to Columbus and drain the swamp,” said Sheriff Jones.

“Does this affect you and me? Well hell yes it does. The government tries to control everything. The lobbyists are going to put as much money as they can in the race because they’re scared of Matt King cause he’s never been in politics. Guess who’s never been in politics also Donald Trump. President Trump never got tired. And Matt King is never going to get tired. He’s not a member of the swamp. Matt King has never been in politics.”

Matt King is a businessman with experience in energy, real estate, education, aviation and drone technology. King started his career in media where he worked for the Blaze TV, producing content with Glenn Beck, Lawrence Jones (host of the Five on FOX), Dana Loesch (former NRA spokesperson) and Tomi Lahren.

He then became the head of recruitment for Butler Tech, one of the largest career technical schools in the United States where King opened an aviation program at the Middletown airport.

King now owns multiple real estate properties as well as a commercial bank building.

“I never thought I would run for public office. The government shut down many of my businesses overnight because I was not considered ‘essential’. Well, my livelihood is essential to me. Meanwhile our elected officials cashed their checks each month while thousands of businesses suffered. I’m running to protect our freedoms and our families,” said Matt King.

Sheriff Jones ended the event by saying, “We have to get someone that cares about our community and loves our country and that person is Matt King. Matt King’s going to fight for you.”

Matt King is seeking the 46th House Seat which consists of Liberty Township, Middletown, Monroe, Madison Township, Lemon Township and St. Clair Township. The Republican primary election will be on August 2.

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