SHEQONOMI Partnership announced with Reliance JiO JioStore and KaiStore

Global digital media and podcast listening multi-platform, SHEQONOMI proudly announces the launch of our newest mobile apps architected and built by women through global collaborations forged in response to the global COVID-19 Pandemic. We are thrilled to be amplifying the voices of several thousand women who have supported our vision since lockdown and now proudly feature content in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and more. Our curated content includes more than 30 genres including women’s health, entrepreneurship, investing, leadership, technology, climate change, sustainability, healing and wellness, meditation, and much more.


SHEQONOMI, in partnership with Reliance Jio, the Islamic Development Bank, the Algorand Foundation, KaiOS, SDG Impact Accelerator, PEACHSCORE Accelerator, SHE RAISES Capital Accelerator, and other global and grass-roots leading women’s organizations has successfully launched our newest mobile apps on iOS, Google Play, JiO Store, and KaiStore with over 300,000 downloads across 175 countries and all continents in record time.

“Our global initiative would not have been possible without the generous support of our partners bringing together philanthropic, government, and business interests together” commented Anu Bhardwaj, SHEQONOMI’s CEO and founder. “After extensively studying the landscape of women centric podcast listening apps in creating tech relevant for the next few billions, SHEQONOMI has been laser focused on reaching women around the globe, especially in emerging markets, on low-cost mobile devices with a special emphasis on the Indian market.”

“We also believe that the content we have curated to date is the absolute next logical next step in achieving crucial milestones for all 18 UN Sustainable Development Goals.  SHEQONOMI is a multi-award-winning woman-led scale-up that has emerged as a response to numerous problems faced by women and girls during the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially when it comes to accessibility. Our global team and partners understand clearly that many nations are still way behind on digital transformation solutions but also the ability to garner and share critical information from educational podcasts on topics such as climate calamities or health pandemics in one centralized audio platform dedicated to women. This is precisely why we have all come together at record speed in developing a super niche podcast listening app focused on actively bridging the digital divide.”

As an open source innovation, SHEQONOMI’s award-winning COVID-response tech solution is currently available free-of-charge on Android, iOS, KaiOS, now JiOS, and has already been received in 175 nations and every continent around the globe on phones, TV’s, laptops, car play audio, and tablets.

“We are thrilled to be sharing insights and co-creating our mobile apps with our multi-national partners Reliance Jio, KaiOS, the Algorand Foundation, the Islamic Development Bank, SDG Impact Accelerator, and numerous other global mobile partners ready to collaborate on our large scale impact-oriented solution,” remarked Anu Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of SHEQONOMI.  “We have an unprecedented opportunity at a unique time in changing the course of HerStory by bringing our transformative high-tech solution to women podcasters and listeners from truly all walks of life. “Our team has been working relentlessly to drive this initiative with a gender lens showing that investing in women while amplifying their voices is sustainable, scaleable, and impactful starting with JiO NEXT, JiOSTB, and NOW— JioBook. We are especially fortunate to be working with both individuals and institutions committed to a common mission resulting in more diversity and inclusion with a focus on women who are ready to expand their world view,” stated Ms. Bhardwaj. While we have been building out our partnerships and global listener base, Reliance JiO has been scaling their reach across India with the recent launch of their 5G network, JioBook, JiOSTB, and JiONEXT now available in more than 250,000,000 across Jio platforms through JioStore. “We are delighted to have been a part of SHEQONOMI’s journey since they joined our Build For Bharat Accelerator two years ago and excited for the impact we will be able to create for millions of women across India and beyond through our various mobile telecom products and solutions” stated a senior spokesperson at Reliance Jio.


Created during the global Pandemic by Anu Bhardwaj and her gracious daughter Arya Bhardwaj, this highly unique podcast platform – was built organically and curated by millennial women to serve 2 billion women globally, many who have been marginalized and underrepresented across our new digital world. SHEQONOMI, the world’s first and only podcast listening app dedicated to bringing women’s voices to the main stage, and that alone has the power to change the trajectory of our entire planet.

About Anu Bhardwaj

Anu Bhardwaj is the Founder & CEO of SHEQONOMI, the world’s first and only suite of podcast listening apps built on Android, iOS, KaiOS, and JiOS focused on amplifying the voices of women.SHEQONOMI has now scaled to over 175 countries on low-cost mobile devices in over 20 languages and soon across all of India on JioSTB, JioBook, and JioNEXT with Reliance Jio. Ms. Bhardwaj is also the Founder of The State of Women Institute, a US 501c3, committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized, underserved, underrepresented, and unrepresented women and girls across all digital mediums. When not building her rapidly scaling start-up, Ms. Bhardwaj spends her time exploring distant lands, new cultures, and trying to become one with the ocean. She has spent most of her life, living and working across Asia, Europe, and North America and recently moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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SHEQONOMI Announces Multi-platform Partnership with Reliance Jio

SHEQONOMI, (pronounced SHE-CONOMY) the world’s first and only rewards based podcast listening mobile application on Android, JioStore, iOS, and KaiOS, proudly announces its multi-platform partnership with Reliance Jio which will incentivize 150,000,000 JioPhone users to listen, learn, and earn digital assets and rewards in the very near future.
“Reliance Jio’s partnership with SHEQONOMI will bring a rich collection of women-led podcasts from around the globe on our free mobile app to nearly 150,000,000 users across India, many of whom are women and girls who have never had access to global audio content like this that will also generate digital assets and rewards,” said Ms. Anu Bhardwaj.

“Beginning with SHEQONOMI’s application on JioStore for JioPhone, our partnership will bring thousands of new global podcasts and access to digital assets like NFT’s and NFTrees that will scale to nearly 150,000,000 ,000,000 beneficiaries from under-resourced households across India, most of whom are first-time internet users over the course of our collaboration in 2022,” stated Ms. Anu Bhardwaj, Founder of SHEQONOMI.

Our aim is to provide households across India and beyond, including those who have not traditionally had access, with unprecedented opportunities to listen, learn, and earn digital rewards that not only incentivize engagement but also encourage inclusivity of voices that have not been heard before on a global scale, many of whom are women and girls.

“Since we received a major COVID Innovation grant from the Islamic Development Bank nine months ago, SHEQONOMI has been going viral on KaiOS in Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, and the United States. We are extremely confident that our partnership with Reliance JiO and the other startups in our cohort and previous years will lead to even greater synergies as we scale our transformational technology across India. Most importantly, our global team is humbled and honored to join this incredible group of founders, mentors, and partners driving change especially in educating youth around the globe and the impact our tech will have on future generations of our magnificent country,” remarked Ms. Bhardwaj.

“Our collaboration with this women-led team of world-class technologists, designers, digital architects, social media mavens, artificial intelligence and blockchain experts being led by Ms. Anu Bhardwaj will bring a rich curation of digital content including podcasts, NFTrees, and NFT artwork to hundreds of millions of homes across all of India — especially during COVID times while setting a strong precedent for the new normal by amplifying the voices of women and girls.

We are proud to have SHEQONOMI as one of our fiercest female-led startups featured in our prestigious JioDevelopers GrowthPad – Build For Bharat Cohort along with 50 of India’s leading startups where they will be receiving mentoring and support to advance and scale over the next few months and beyond,” a JiO spokesperson added.

SHEQONOMI’s digital library includes podcasts about UN Sustainable Development Goals, women and wellness (including meditation, breast cancer awareness, COVID, and mental health), gender-lens investing, global women’s entrepreneurship, women climate warriors and climate change, technology, leadership, women driving change, nature and science, as well as content in Spanish and Chinese with more languages to follow including Hindi and Marathi in the very near future.

“Jio changed the world when they brought low-cost 4G data to millions across India. Now they’re doing it again by bringing life-changing podcasts to all of INDIA, especially marginalized and underrepresented women and girls, by encouraging audio education from experts around the globe. Most importantly, we will be creating financial incentives through our digital rewards including NFTrees and NFT’s that will be launching soon for JiO users that will facilitate mass adoption of digital assets at exponential levels. Please download now to listen, learn, and earn,” invites Ms. Anu Bhardwaj, Founder & CEO of SHEQONOMI.

About Anu Bhardwaj & SHEQONOMI

Founder of SHEQONOMI, the world’s first suite of mobile apps on Android, iOS, and KaiOS focused on women-led podcasts built by women and powered by girls targeting the bottom billion. 2020 Global Transform Fund- (COVID Innovation) Competition WINNERS from the Islamic Development Bank for the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Sultanate of Oman, The United Arab Emirates, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and the Republic of Indonesia. SHEQONOMI was also one of 10 Global Finalists for Financial Inclusion (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) for the 2021 SDG Impact Accelerator hosted by the Government of Turkey, UN Technology Bank, UNDP, and other multilateral and multinational stakeholders. In March 2021, SHEQONOMI launched “Amplifying Her Voice” Global Virtual Summit Series in collaboration with The State of Women Institute, Women Investing in Women DIGITAL and 55 global women’s organizations that had 3,500+ attendees, 555 global speakers. from over 125 countries, featured in 90 global newswires including Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and other prominent news outlets to date.

SHEQONOMI is pleased to work closely with all of our global partners including Reliance JiO, Women Investing in Women Digital and The State of Women Institute as we continue our global platform built on blockchain technology and powered by artificial intelligence.

Prior to founding SHEQONOMI, Ms. Bhardwaj spearheaded Women Investing in Women DIGITAL, The State of Women Institute, and the 2010-2013 U.S. Department of Commerce Private Equity/Venture Capital Certified Trade Missions to the Nordics and Middle East, representing over $175 billion USD private-equity and venture-capital interests in collaboration with the International Trade Administration, the U.S. Embassies in the Royal Kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. Her client list includes top-tier global private equity, venture capital, and fund-of-funds such as Irving Place Capital, Castle Harlan, W.L. Ross, Pegasus Advisors, NEA, HBG Holdings, 2i Capital, Cubera Private Equity, Lion Capital, Walden INDIA, Novak Biddle, Alinda Capital, Top Tier Capital, Pantheon, Pathway Capital, TH Lee, and Veronis Schuler Stevenson.

Her specialties include international business development for private equity professionals, women in private equity, women in philanthropy, high-growth women entrepreneurs, blockchain, digital assets and deep tech.