#SFAACC & #OIFF Discuss Local Empowerment

The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce and the Oakland International Film Festival slated for September 15-24, 2022 Discuss Local Empowerment

www.oiff.org Sept 15-24-2022

www.oiff.org Sept 15-24-2022

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by Jose Ricardo G. Bondoc via Facebook/Sfnewfeed.us

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce during Black National Business Month crossed the bridge to Oakland, CA. Brigette R. LeBlanc, Vice Chairwoman of the Board had a beneficial conversation with David N. Roach, the Co-Founder & Director of the Oakland International Film Festival. The virtual space at 12 noon focused on black entrepreneurship and the power of representation

The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (SFAACC) is one of California’s most influential minority business organizations, representing and promoting African American business owners in San Francisco. Through advocacy and economic development, SFAACC is creating a firm economic base that supports the self-determination and survival of African American businesses.

The mission of OIFF is to promote independent filmmakers and the stories they tell to empower people locally,nationally, and internationally.

This years, opening film screenings of The 20th Oakland International Film Festival (OIFF20) will be held at The Grand Lake Theater on September 15th screening the feature film: The Sleeping Negro from 6:00- 8:30 p.m. “The Sleeping Negro”, The young black man, simply identified as “Man,” must resolve the personal meaning of his blackness when his white boss orders him to commit fraud to benefit the corporation. Struggling with an overwhelming sense of shame for going through with the illegal demand, Man seeks consolation by discussing his unease with a black former friend and his white fiancĂ©. Those conversations lead only to further confusion and frustrations…

Speaking about its 20th year, David Roach noted, “Oakland has always been home for the past 25 years. We have always worked with the community. On the issue of entrepreneurship, Roach noted, “The film industry builds entrepreneurship. I think the role of the film festival is to really locate and promote up and coming filmmakers including cinema students from USC and local colleges…”

LeBlanc stated, Entrepreneurship in the film industry are filmmakers selling passion and storytelling. OIFF twenty year supports the fact that the stories of film still need to be told. SFAACC supports and acknowledge success in this black entrepreneur space. Next year I would love to see collaboration with OIFF and Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival”.

Asked about the nature of the film festival, Roach responded, “Most independent filmmakers put everything into making their films and have very little left to get people to see their film. Renting a theater and marketing to bring people to see it can be quite costly. A film festival gives filmmakers a free screening and added publicity to validate they have made a film worth seeing. Also, during a film festival, filmmakers have a chance to meet other filmmakers and network….”

Roach also noted, “Being born in San Francisco, living in Oakland, the Bay Bridge was never seen as a barrier. We worked with the San Francisco Black Film Festival. We always looked forward to these types of events and enjoyed crossing the bridge.”

LeBlanc stated, “In closing, it was great to have Bay Area support join this virtual space, Wayne Jackson, Martin Luther, Will Hammons, Jeanette Wright and Dam Drummer and Evita Thornton. I am humbled by this experience of service and thankful that SFAACC has a platform where entrepreneurship has no barriers”.


San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce: https://www.sfaacc.org/

Oakland International Film Festival: https://www.oiff.org/