Sewer and Drain Cleaning Company in Watervliet, NY, Announces Kickoff of New Digital Marketing Campaign, Responsive Website

 Easton Dylan Sewer & Drain, a residential drain cleaning company based out of Watervliet, NY, is announcing the official kickoff of their digital marketing campaign with Prospect Genius. In spearheading this campaign, Prospect Genius has designed a multi-page, mobile-responsive website for Easton Dylan Sewer & Drain that will allow the team of plumbing experts to reach more Capital District property owners in need of pipe repairs, drain unclogging, and other sewer services.

In fact, their creation of a digital marketing campaign in conjunction with a responsive website aligns with recent reports about internet usage in the United States: Approximately 85% of U.S. adults own a smartphone and use it 52 times per day on average, according to a Deloitte survey from 2018. Additionally, these same adults claim that smartphones are their preferred medium for searching and browsing the web.

“This is why websites have to be easy to access, navigate, and read on smartphones and tablets,” says Matt Gallo, senior marketing specialist at Prospect Genius. “And that applies to every business. You need a responsive website no matter what.”

A responsive website automatically detects the dimensions of the device that’s being used to load it, and then adjusts its display accordingly. Given that a rising number of American adults choose to access the internet on mobile devices as opposed to desktops, responsive design has grown vital to meet consumer expectations. For this reason, Prospect Genius made responsive website design the cornerstone of its digital marketing strategy for Easton Dylan Sewer & Drain.

A family-owned drain cleaning company serving Watervliet, Albany, Troy, and nearby areas of the Capital District, Easton Dylan Sewer & Drain will utilize its new website and corresponding campaign to attain two goals: 1) to publicize its selection of residential plumbing services, including drain unclogging, sewer line cleaning, and pipe leak detection; and 2) to amplify its ranking in local search results so it will draw more nearby homeowners seeking a reputable drain cleaning company.

“We understand that people in the Albany area are mostly using their iPhones and Androids to find drain contractors near them, and to ask their Facebook friends for recommendations,” Gallo explains. “So, we wanted to meet them at the right place and the right time, which meant building a site they could easily use on their phones and putting that site front and center in search results for ‘pipe repair,’ ‘clogged drain repair,’ and so on.”

Prospect Genius and Easton Dylan Sewer & Drain formally published the new website and started the marketing campaign in February 2022.

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