Dr. Sebi’s Daughters Saama & Taiwa Speak Out From Honduras – His Legacy Belongs To Us

The daughters of Dr. Sebi, a world-renowned herbalist, nutritionist, and healer are speaking out about the fight that have endured to gain access to his Estate, as Dr. Sebi’s heirs.

By: The Daughters of Dr. Sebi

NEW YORKJune 23, 2021PRLog — Alfredo Bowman (“Dr. Sebi”), was a world-renowned herbalist, nutritionist, and healer. Dr. Sebi’s research, knowledge, and practice led to his proclamation of finding cures for such illnesses as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, blindness, and more through alkaline herbs formulas called, The African Biomineral Balance Cell Food (“the Alkaline Diet”), the use of herbs, controlling alkaline levels in our bodies, and living an overall healthy lifestyle in lieu of using modern medications as treatment. Believers of his research included celebrities Michael Jackson, Lisa (Left-Eye) Lopez, and Common, as well as individuals, families, and communities throughout the world.

Dr. Sebi’s teachings and his work achieved international acclaim as a viable alternative to the use of modern-day medicine for treatment and cures of various medical conditions, which pitted him against the pharmaceutical and medical industries. He was arrested for various reasons and unfortunately, while imprisoned in Honduras, with his employee, Pablo Medina (now associate of Dr. Sebi’s company in Los Angeles, Ca), Dr. Sebi died on August 6, 2016, from complications associated with pneumonia, according to the forensic doctor of Honduras.

His death came as a shock to his family because at age 82, he was in great health. His children were left to mourn the great loss of their father with the world that supported him and his work.

The second shock came to his family when they learned of the current state of their father’s estate. Not only did Dr. Sebi leave the gift of knowledge, natural remedies, and rituals for healthy living, he also left a legacy for his daughters, Saama and Taiwa Bowman who reside in Honduras. Ever since their father transitioned, these daughters have been dealing with various inconsistencies surrounding their father’s estate, his wishes of whom should be entitled to his estate, and the Executors of his estate. Years later, these sisters are fighting for what is legally theirs – heritage to their father’s estate in Los Angeles and in Central America.

“We love our father dearly and know that he would want us to have what he has gifted to us. The Executors of the Los Angeles Office used the naivety of a young woman and instead of teaching me the fundamentals of managing my father’s business, used that time to send me and my sister to Disney Land, while they fraudulently created a new company, changing all business-related documents, and removing us from all access. Usha Village Honduras has been detached from the Los Angeles Office as well. To date, we have not received any explanations, the name of our company and the names of our products have been changed, and we are now receiving letters with false accusations towards us, while my father’s clients and their support erroneously assumes that it is his children at the helm of his company, its name, and its assets. After the unfortunate death of our father, we now must endure this injustice of fighting for what is rightfully ours – what has been provided to us by our father – our father’s estate; that of which is now being wasted by the Executors. We are asking the Court and our father’s supporters to assist us and support us throughout this process as we fight for what is rightly ours as the children of Dr. Sebi.”

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