Sararte Made Employee Retention Tax Credit Simple: Eligibility Assessment and How to Apply Guide

 The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) is an economic recovery program created by the CARES Act. In addition to PPP, businesses may qualify for a stimulus check for up to $26K per employee by claiming employee retention tax credit.

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Key Program Features:

– Many Businesses Qualify including Essential Businesses

– No Reduction in Revenue Needed

– No Financial Risk/Audit-ready package

– Can Have PPP and PPP2

– No Restriction on Use of Proceeds

– Not a Loan (no repayment or forgiveness paperwork)

– Check Paid to Your Business

– Does not depend on amount of tax paid

– For Profit and Non-for-Profit

– Claimed via Payroll Tax Amendment

– Qualify even with strong revenue

Sararte wants to make sure that organizations get the most value out of their Tax Credit application. Tax Credit preparation services provided by highly experienced ERC experts include:

– Done-for-you ERC application

– Compute and obtain max eligible ERC amount

– Payroll Tax Amendment

– Audit-Ready Documentation

– Preparing and filing with IRS

– Utilizing proprietary software, maximizing the Tax Credit

– Create an attribution schedule between PPP and ERC

Information is power and Sararte is here to give businesses clear information that saves them time and the hassle of finding their way in this complicated legal documentation.

Also, even if business hasn’t experienced a decline in revenue, it may still qualify for Employee Retentions Tax Credit. Organizations should NOT let these misconceptions stop them from applying.

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