M. Chere Sampson’s “Can You See What Eye See?” Featured at ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022

Sampson’s inspirational book helped readers realize their full potential and achieve their life’s purpose.


“This is a well written book with excellent tools which can help a person to navigate many of the emotional problems faced in everyday life…. As a trained therapist myself, I would recommend this book to a client who might be struggling with one of the many issues discussed in the book”  Steve R

ReadersMagnet displayed the encouraging self-improvement book “Can You See What Eye See?: Envision a Better You and a Better World” by M. Chere Sampson at The American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 24-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, USA.

“Can You See What Eye See?” invites readers to adjust to the ever changing circumstances in life and reinforce resilient and joyful living. Development and prosperity are attainable through constructive action and the use of transformational tools for the benefit of all.

People who want to transform themselves will learn to breathe through stressful moments, listen to understand, stop habitually worrying, speak their truth, and let go of suffering with acceptance and gratitude on the path to attaining inner peace.

An accomplished psychotherapist and author, M. Chere Sampson, has spent most of her career exploring and refining methods for achieving inner peace. She uses memorable, sometimes humorous stories, inspirational quotes, and key points to guide others to use practical and insightful life-changing concepts to build resilience in the face of adversity, free themselves from negativity, and open their hearts to blessings while on a journey to manifesting their highest selves.

An excellent resource for self-improvement, this book supplies readers with a variety of practical information, entertaining stories, and motivational quotes that everyone can use.

Interested? Order a copy of M. Chere Sampson’s “Can You See What Eye See?: Envision a Better You and a Better World” available at Balboa Press.

“Can You See What Eye See? Envision a Better You and a Better World”

Author | M. Chere Sampson

Genre | Self-help, Self-improvement, Health, Fitness, Parenting & Relationships

Publisher | Balboa Press

Published date | September 4, 2019

Book Retail Price| US $18.99, US$35.99


M. Chere Sampson is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice and a graduate of St. Thomas University, Miami. She integrates several therapeutic styles to guide individuals, couples, groups, and seminars to attain the mindset for resilient and joyful living.

She relies on her previous professional experience in people-oriented careers in the banking, real estate, travel, and addiction treatment arenas to help others find positive change.

These experiences, combined with academic training, bring a wealth of knowledge and the ability to relate to people and share ideas for positive change in “Can You See What Eye See?” With a deeper understanding, she guides others to use practical and insightful coping techniques and build resilience in any type of adversity.