Sackett-Waconia Turns 125

 Sackett-Waconia, the U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of fertilizer equipment systems, is entering its 125th year. The company was founded in 1897 as The A.J. Sackett & Sons company, acquiring a controlling interest in Waconia Mfg. Inc. in 1994. In 2006, Sackett do Brasil was formed with a Brazilian company to serve Brazil’s fertilizer industry. In 2016, the companies came together under the banner of Sackett-Waconia and have continued their mission of providing high quality design, engineering, fabrication, and customer support to the Fertilizer Industry.

Larry Taylor, CEO Sackett-Waconia says, “We have seen an evolution over these many years from the early days of crushing and mixing organic fertilizers to the development of high analysis granular fertilizers. Modern agriculture has taken recent advancements a step further to a soil specific model, where accurate blends of high analysis macro and micro fertilizers, soil amendments, and biologicals are required to maximize plant and soil health and improve Nutrient Use Efficiency on every acre. Our mission, over the past 125 years, is to provide customers with products and services that offer state-of-the-art fertilizer production equipment solutions. We take this opportunity to offer our gratitude to the fertilizer industry for supporting our success!”


Jeff Coon




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