Sachin – Insights on Emergence of Blockchain technology

(Via ZEX PR WIRE) Sachin Teckchandani, a software engineer, with professional experience in working on international tech projects. He has already worked for international top-tier clients and developed software that drive exceptional business value. Overall, he has a good understanding of software and a unique cross-cultural business understanding. He is currently working at a Big 4 firm and has a strong focus on developing his knowledge of technology and startup development.

Technological disruption

Question – You have worked in different tech projects and the emergence of Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the trend of development in several fields. This is causing serious disruption on how things are done, what is your thought about this emerging trend?

Sachin: The Blockchain technology is pretty impressive and geared towards changing our world. Built upon decentralization, it gives power back to the people. Today, we’ve seen how different software applications are changing the world in a way we never thought possible.

These days we can hardly do anything without apps – banking, educational, financial, and so on. Blockchain technology is the future of decentralized apps. When we talk about Blockchain, most people focus on Bitcoin, which is just one of the several applicable areas of Blockchain. However, the overall potential of Blockchain is huge. I believe it will disrupt a whole lot of other industries.

Power of Decentralization

Question: Recently, there has been divergent thought about Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies regarding their current development state and future projections. What are your thoughts about the industry?

Sachin: I have always believed in the idea that Blockchain and decentralization will grow gradually. Interestingly, the recent growth within the industry has been phenomenal, which is something that has not been seen before. However, while it might take some years before things become clear, especially with cryptocurrency, it is evident that blockchain is here to stay.

Having said that I have a strong bullish perception about the market and am working on developing my knowledge on blockchain technology and startups in the industry.

Extreme Risk, Potentially huge reward

Question: Youve talked about Bitcoin and it coming to stay, what do you think about the potential reward and risk of different cryptocurrencies?

Sachin: Investing in cryptocurrency can offer great potentials, with coins moving from 3x to even 50x. The market is moving so fast and with everything going right, some investors are making 2-3x their money in a day. However, you must understand every high reward comes with a risk, and the potential of losing your investment is high.

Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t suitable for everyone and the high-risk appetite is for those who have access to the capital. Personally, I have seen some cryptocurrencies that go up 500% in a day and I have also seen currencies take the downward turn.

I think it is very important to know and study about the asset you are investing in before making a decision. Whether it be a coin, company or any other asset, if you think it creates value, then it might be a good investment. Else, it will just be another trend.