2021 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference Targeted 20+ Topics for IoT and Embedded

 That’s a wrap. Thanks to 1500 People for registering RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference virtually on Sep16-Sep17. The conference presented over 20 topics, featured on the open-source RT-Thread OS projects and the new development RT-Smart Micro-Kernel OS, RISC-V ecosystems and associated manufacturers introduced, STM32 ecosystems, embedded projects showcase, IoT security, trending technical knowledge such as AI, ROS, Rust, Micropython, and more.

Thanks to all speakers who shared their time and expertise. Thanks to all developers who attended this conference, posted comments to share. Also, RT-Thread wants to thank the platform Dzone, Electronmaker, Embarcados, GFOSS, Hackernoon for helping to share and spread the conference.

About RT-Thread IoT OS:

RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system that with rich middle-tier components and great hardware & software ecosystem delivering great support for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. RT-Thread was borns in 2006, has powered 1 Billion devices, applied in Wearable Devices, Smart Home Appliances, Energy, Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Consumer Electronics, and many other industries.

RT-Thread, a community-powered open source project, we also want to take this time to thank all contributors who shared their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread growing. Working alongside the 100K+ community developers strongly inspires RT-Thread to continue exploring and delivering the Best Class of IoT operating systems.

Aims to Let Open-source Project Benefits More People.


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