The Voice of the Rooster Becomes a Quill for One’s Heart

“Could there be an ongoing personal dialogue unique to
each of us? Is this conversation really a lifetime one, involving the
most G-dly part of our very selves?”

The author of the award-winning book “The Voice of the Rooster and the Lessons It Teaches,” Ellen Beth Berman, is from a small town in the Appalachian hills of southwestern Virginia. She was the first Jew in her county’s school system. As a young student, she was asked many questions by her classmates, most of whom had never seen a person of her religion before. These innocent queries sparked her desire to start learning more about who, she herself, was as a Jew. Gradually, her search became a life journey, incorporating along the way the practice of certain religious traditions. She received graduate degrees in Religion and Philosophy and Child Development, married, and had children. 

Eventually, Mrs. Berman was drawn to the Jewish philosophy called Chassidus. It emphasized that G-d’s Presence is to be found not only in the heavens but within all creation. Her book brings this belief to the reader, through her simple, yet deeply meaningful, poetry. It can be enjoyed in a personal way or used as the basis for adult learning classes. Her discussion questions at book’s end show how each poem was written to reflect a different facet of the soul. They invite the questions of class participants, so important to the author. The rooster is, metaphorically, used because it was given a special gift, according to religious sages of old, to be able “to distinguish light from darkness.”

The reader starts to realize that as the pages of the book enfold, so does our perception. G-d’s Presence becomes one beyond our places of worship. It surrounds us in all He created. One sees that each of us can have a lifetime dialogue with G-d, moment by moment, guiding us individually in our personal missions. Our challenge, the book’s clear message, is that of “anticipating the dawn,” awakening to the possibilities of a new day. Why is it that our mind is overwhelmed by fear and internal conflict, even before that first ray of light? Why is our remedy, that “all-powerful” first cup? 

The opening page of “The Voice of the Rooster and the Lessons It Teaches” asks the question, “What can this fragile rooster teach me upon awakening?” The fifteenth “lesson of the rooster” is the author’s hope that the readers find “the Divine light embedded in each day, awaiting your discovery”. The rooster’s “voice” is the cry of the human heart, upon finding its true essence, its G-dly core. 

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