Dr. Peter G. Roode’s Book was Exhibited at ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022

Dr. Peter G. Roode’s medical memoir educates and inspires readers through many human-interest stories.


Readers caught the book display for “Have Scalpel – Will Travel: Tales of an Itinerant Surgeon” by Peter G. Roode, M.D. at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Dr. Peter G. Roode’s book “Have Scalpel – Will Travel: Tales of an Itinerant Surgeon” was displayed by ReadersMagnet at their exhibit booth for the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition on June 24-26, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Being in the medical field could be strenuous, but pursuing such a career can also be rewarding. One of its perks is being able to make a difference in a person’s life by being able to help someone live longer and healthier.

Locus tenens is an alternative medical practice that allows doctors to care for patients whose primary physicians are temporarily unavailable. In his medical memoir titled “Have Scalpel – Will Travel,” Dr. Roode details the triumphs and tribulations he encountered in caring for his remarkable patients.

This book is a collection of human-interest stories that describe roughly 90 patients that he encountered during a 17-year medical journey that covered 74 hospitals throughout 18 states. The stories highlight the challenges of providing surgical care, particularly in rural hospitals with scarce resources. Often decisions must be made quickly in the face of deteriorating situations.

“Have Scalpel – Will Travel: Tales of an Itinerant Surgeon” is a glimpse of a unique adventure by a well-trained surgeon. The book is an ode to life that allows readers, a glimpse inside the world of surgery. Those who have read the book have found it to be both educational, entertaining and awe-inspiring.

Learn more about Peter G. Roode, M.D., and his works by visiting his website: havescalpelwilltravel.com.

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“Have Scalpel – Will Travel: Tales of an Itinerant Surgeon”

Author | Peter G. Roode, M.D.

Published date | January 31, 2022

Publisher | Fulton Books

Book retail price | $19.31

Author Bio

Dr. Roode, a former Naval Nuclear Engineer, was accepted into the inaugural class at Hershey Medical School. He then completed his surgical training at Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania. He practiced surgery in the traditional style in Pennsylvania and Iowa until discovering the adventurous world of Locum Tenens (traveling) Medicine.