Alan Roger Currie aka The Godfather of Direct Verbal Game Advice is Now LiveStreaming on YouTube

 Better late than never: The man of many nicknames РBook Author and Professional Dating & Relationships Advice Coach, Alan Roger Currie is finally streaming live for the general YouTube public.

YouTube has allowed YouTube Content Creators (also simply referred to as “YouTubers”) to stream live from their desktops and laptops since 2013, and later, it added live streaming from smartphones and other mobile devices in 2017. Currie began streaming live via the Crowdcast platform in June 2017 for his Patreon subscribers only, but it wasn’t until Tuesday, October 5, 2021 that Currie began streaming his video podcasts live on his YouTube channel.

“I finally gave in and now I am sort of addicted,” said Currie, who has been labeled by his followers and supporters as “The King of Verbal Seduction,” “The Godfather of Direct Verbal Game Advice,” and “The Originator of Anti-Simping Talking Points.”

Currie plans on streaming live an average of two or three times per week, which will allow him to interact with many of his followers, YouTube subscribers and general supporters in real time. Most of his content will center on various topics of discussion related to the challenges of today’s dating scene, the pursuit of short-term non-monogamous “casual” sex, the pros and cons of entering into long-term non-monogamous romantic relationships (i.e., polyamorous dating) and the BDSM Lifestyle, and finding that “special someone” for long-term strictly monogamous romantic relationships and/or marriage.

Currie published his first eBook in May 1999 titled, “Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking” and has since published this same book in audiobook form and paperback form. Currie has been married since July 2020.

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Alan Roger Currie


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