VA Approves New Rifle Scope Clip-on as Adaptive Recreational Equipment for Visually Disabled Veterans

 Providers of innovative adaptive hunting and shooting products Digital FOV, LLC announces the approval of their Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on by the Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center for issuance to eligible blind and low-vision veterans as adaptive recreational equipment.

Henry Johns and the rest of the team of forward-thinking professionals at Digital FOV, LLC have again achieved a landmark feat as the company’s new product, Digital Crosshairs 1,000 Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on for assisted blind, low vision, and mobility handicapped hunters was recently approved by the Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center for issuance to veterans as “Adaptive Recreational Equipment.” The approval came after the completion of a detailed evaluation in October by the VA Blind Rehabilitation Center in Augusta, Georgia, certifying it as a tool to support recreational therapy for blind and low vision Veterans.

“We are very excited that eligible blind and low vision Veterans can now be issued our product as part of their treatment plan. This will enable them to enjoy hunting and shooting sports as part of their recreational therapy treatment plans.” – Mr. Johns, founder of Digital FOV, LLC.

Digital Crosshairs 1,000 Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on was designed to enable disabled sports men and women to more independently enjoy recreational hunting and shooting sports. It is covered under the VHA Prosthetic Clinical Management Program (PCMP) Clinical Practice Recommendations (CPR) for the issuance of recreational and sports equipment to Veterans which includes adaptive devices for hunting.

“Many of our Veterans grew up hunting. What better therapy is there for a disabled Veteran that grew up hunting than to get back in the woods with family and close friends this hunting season? Many disabled Veterans are left behind on hunting trips. They think they can’t be taken along due to limited vision or mobility. This product changes that perception. Our assistive technology rifle scope clip-on enables many of them to get back in the woods!”

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on is used by hunters with limited vision due to eye injuries, macular degeneration, and limited vision due to various eye diseases. It is also beneficial to assisted blind hunters and shooters. It enables more independence in hunting and shooting sports by people with mobility handicaps that resulted from amputations, paralysis, cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and spinal cord injuries.

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on is already generating a lot of buzz, helping many visually impaired and mobility handicapped people. It has also been described by some as “amazing,” with the VA BRC recommending it for issuance to Veterans subject to their doctor’s advised recreational therapy treatment plan. This product is used by Buckmaster’s Life Hunts, Rural Institute – MonTech at the University of Montana, Wyoming Disabled Hunters Organization, and Kids S.A.F.E Foundation to help handicapped people of all ages enjoy hunting and shooting sports.

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Inverted Rifle & Helmet, symbol of fallen soldiers of 1971 war, shifted by Armed Forces from India Gate to National War Memorial

Armed Forces today in a ceremony shifted the Inverted Rifle and the Helmet from India Gate, which was the symbol of Fallen Soldiers of 1971 War, to Param Yodha Sthal at National War Memorial and installed the same in the midst of Busts of Param Vir Chakra Awardees. 

With this ceremony, the integration of the Memorial of Fallen Soldiers of 1971 war with National War Memorial has been completed. 

The ceremony was led by Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) Air Marshal BR Krishna and attended by Adjutant General equivalents from the three Services. 

As part of the ceremony, a final salute was given and CISC offered a wreath at India Gate. Thereafter the Inverted Rifle and Helmet was removed and carried in a ceremonial vehicle to the Param Yodha Sthal and installed at a newly created monument. CISC accompanied by the AGs equivalents from three Services presented a salute to the new monument.


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