Winifred Lee Richardson Shares an Enlightening Read From Her Poetry Collection “Quotes: Humbled Yet Eloquent” That Will Inspire Anyone Going Through a Difficult Time

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Our souls can find comfort in words. It can also bring about the disaster at the same time. It has the power to both build and destroy, because the expression of our hearts and thoughts through our words. It declares life or death and calls forth blessings and curses.

Both the tip of our tongues and the tip of our pens contain power. Whatever we write or say can have an impact on us as well as those around us. Because we cannot take our words back after we have spoken them, we must be careful stewards of them. Someones creativity can also be expressed through words a continuation of the hearts moans.

Winifred Lee Richardson is the author of the poetry collection Quotes: Humbled yet, Yet Eloquent. These words reflect the author and her journey as well as her faith and passion for life. They are more than just lovely and elegant words strung together to rhyme and form poems.

Winifred had demonstrated her eloquence inside the pages of the book. Her goal is also fulfilled in the manner in which she authored the book, which can warm the heart and bring positivity. She also offers some of her favorite texts, which are particularly uplifting for the soul. Gods words had a wonderful way of lifting our spirits and bringing us joy, and Winifreds journey finished with the offering and giving back the praise to God.

The book is an enlightening read that might inspire anyone who is going through a difficult moment. It can serve as a constant reminder to everyone of the power that our words have. Its a story about how much artistry our words can achieve.

Encourage your heart, soul, intellect, and spirit.

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Quotes: Humbled but, Yet Eloquent
Author: Winifred Lee Richardson
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: December 19, 2019
Genre: Literature, Poetry

About the Author
Winifred Lee Richardson resides in the Southern California area with her son and dear family. She inherited the love of writing from her mother. Winifreds focus is geared to sharing positiveness and to expressing uplifting words with everyone worldwide. The ultimate goal is for every reader will enjoy, be uplifted, or be encouraged by Quotes: Humbled but, Yet Eloquent in some form of fashion (way).