Reynold Conger Releases “A Dangerous Bike Ride,” Book 1 of the Richard Tracy Series

In “A Dangerous Bike Ride,” Richard Tracy, a retired detective whose adult children convinced him to join them on the Texas MS 150, a bike ride to raise money for MS research because anyone who runs marathons will have no trouble riding 150 miles in two days.
Mary Beth Austin, a retired chef, gardener and a serious bicyclist. Riding in the MS 150, they meet and fall in love. Both want this relationship to mature into marriage so that they can spend their golden years gardening together, but at the finish of the event, they are engulfed in an explosion. Richard wakes up in a hospital, but Mary Beth has disappeared without a trace except that the EMT who treated Richard said that a man wearing an old Marine Corps uniform took her by the hand and lead her away.
A platoon of mental patients, some escaped from lock wards, think it is still 1969. They believe they are in Laos, separated from their units. They are marching east to rejoin US forces. They want revenge for fallen buddies and are prepared to attack any target of opportunity they encounter. 
Read the book to find out the events that followed. A gripping thriller that is an absolute page-turner that will leave readers wanting for more.

Book available at
A Dangerous Bike Ride
Reynold Conger
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: September 2021
Genre: Adventure
Target Audience: Middle-aged adults and senior citizens
About the Author
Reynold Conger is a retired scientist, engineer and teacher who now writes Christian fiction as a retirement career. He spent 32 years working in the paper industry. His work experience included, process engineering, research and development, management, environmental engineering, management and consulting. After that, he taught high school science and math for 8 years before full retirement. Of course he did not work all the time, but has been an athlete, raised a family, gardened, camped, flown an airplane and been on the airport commission of his town. As a result, he has had a life rich in experiences that he uses for the basis of his stories.