MerPerle Resorts and Hotels Welcomed MC Ky Duyen and Her Friends to Hon Tam Island

This is her first pre-summer visit this year to the green Hon Tam Island which has long been known and is publicly open for tours and travel.

The island has also recently invested and been more widely searched online; a service complex consisting of fine accommodation in MerPerle Hon Tam Resort, fun and exciting sea sports games in MerPerle Sparkling Waves, comfortable indulgence in MerPerle Hon Tam Mud Bath and utmost relaxation in MerPerle Hon Tam Spa.

Ky Duyen, Thanh Ha, Phi Nhung and Roland were scheduled to experience all the services offered by the team on this island in Nha Trang Bay including, to name a few, a three-night stay in MerPerle Hon Tam Resort, some fun and exciting sea sports games, relaxation at the newly renovated MerPerle Hon Tam Spa, indulging in a comfortable mud or herbal bath. They were also set to enjoy their leisure time at a mouthwatering afternoon tea along the white long sandy beach at the resort.

With this visit by this famous MC and friends, MerPerle Resorts & Hotels is highly expected to enhance its images and brand names among the travel market as a must-choose destination.

MerPerle Resorts and Hotels is a leading accommodation brand in Vietnam that provides luxurious tourist experiences based on the business philosophy of bringing guests a diversified range of products and outstanding service which create a unique experience and a feeling of being belonged with the Vietnamese culture and nature.

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is an “oasis” nestled in the tropical breezy hills of Hon Tam Island. Surrounded by scenic evergreen hills, the resort has a spectacular view down the turquoise gem that is the famous Nha Trang Bay.

Located on a beautiful isolated island in the tourism city of Nha Trang, MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is an ideal destination of choice for a hideaway from the bustling city life, for a couple seeking romance or simply for family rest and relaxation or even any reasons.

At MerPerle Hon Tam Resort guest satisfaction is the top priority and the team is continuously working hard toward enhancing the resort image and building a great brand name by providing better care for its guests.