DoBrain Renewing Characters in Collaboration With the ‘Father of Pinkfong’

DoBrain, a start-up company that provides digital solutions to support healthy cognitive development in young children, has renewed its characters in collaboration with Joohyun Lee, Founder & CEO of Macovill, who is known as the former Art Director of Pinkfong.
“I participated in the work of renewing DoBrain’s new characters, hoping that they would reach out to more children around the world to be good friends and help children’s healthy development,” said Joohyun Lee, Founder & CEO of Macovill.
Joohyun Lee, Founder & CEO of Macovill, an entertainment company that produces character-based games and animation content including CheetahBoo, is well known as the former Vice President and Art Director of SmartStudy which is Pinkfong’s parent company that owns the intellectual property rights for Baby Shark. Baby Shark is a children’s song that has been played 9.41 billion times on Youtube, ranked as the most-watched video of all time since November 2020.
Through the collaboration, four DoBrain characters – Arte, Hug, Dinong, and Tie Tie – have become more friendly and lively with diversified expressions and motions. Each of the four characters symbolizes the core values of courage, empathy, creativity, and justice that lies in the hearts of children.
Since 2016, DoBrain has been working on developing stories and characters together with fairy-tale writers from the early stage, in order to help children aged from 30 to 72 months find education or cognitive therapy pleasant as a fun adventure.
DoBrain offers an accessible and affordable digital cognitive development solution for young children. Its program is designed to be an assistive tool that achieves the three aims of education, identification, and therapy. Combining technology and neuroscience into digital therapeutics (DTx) and edu-tech, DoBrain helps address the needs of children and develop their cognitive skills through immersive and interactive contents. The company aims to ensure each and every child’s right to healthy growth and unlock their potential through innovative technology. Since its launch in 2017, more than 600,000 children worldwide have used the DoBrain program. For further information, visit