Removing the Weeds from the Garden of True Faith

Religion has always been viewed as the symbol of hope and the light at the end of a dark tunnel for most individuals, this interpretation is considered to be the norm in most cultures, so it may come as a surprise that religion, as portrayed in “Religion is Darkness” can be a force of darkness itself when it is misguided and used as a tool for personal gain instead of the emblem of liberation it was meant to be.

“Religion in Darkness” is a thorough examination of monotheistic faiths written by Tunji Oreyingbo, the book itself explores the benefits that religion brings to a culture when it is implemented with genuine belief, along with the means to make one belief authentic when facing the majesty that is God.

Taking a quote from the book: “The bible is not a closed book, and so is any holy scripture.” This quote from the book has the potential to have a variety of meanings that could open the eyes of a believer to what the Holy Scriptures could entail. Which in turn, can be used to encourage the readers to keep an open mind and to open their hearts to a more flexible understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Religion is Darkness
Written by: Tunji Oreyingbo
Paperback: $7.49
Kindle: 2.99

Copies of this thought-provoking book are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores. Grab a copy now and distinguish the difference between religions fueled by faith from religion motivated by greed.

About the Author

To Save the Falling Nations: A Physical Task for Spiritual Leaders is written by Tunji Oreyingbo (BSc, MSc, Ph.D.). He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Apologetics and Theology. Tunji is a co-founder of Sanctified Word Ministry and teaches in a variety of ecumenical settings.