Canada – Proposed new refund requirements open for public review and comment

Gatineau, Quebec – The Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) today announced that its proposed Regulations Amending the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which would provide new refund requirements, are now published in Part I of the Canada Gazette for public review and comment.

These proposed regulations, that would apply to all future flights to, from and within Canada, including connecting flights, aim to protect passengers by requiring airlines to provide passengers with refunds in the event of flight cancellations or lengthy delays, outside the airline’s control, that prevent it from ensuring that passengers complete their itinerary within a reasonable time.

How to comment

The text of the proposed regulations is available in Part I of the Canada Gazette. For a quick summary, consult the CTA’s Highlights of Proposed Airline Refund Requirements. Comments can be submitted to until August 31, 2021

Consultation process
On December 21, 2020, the CTA launched a consultation seeking feedback on the specifics of the new requirements. During the consultation process, the CTA received a total of 119 submissions– 100 submissions from members of the public, 11 submissions from airlines and other industry representatives, four submissions from consumer advocates and four from travel agencies and insurance industry representatives. The CTA has released its What We Heard Report, summarizing the input received.

“We thank all those who participated in the CTA’s consultation for their valuable input and look forward to getting more feedback during this next phase of the consultation process. The CTA aims to finalize the Regulations by autumn 2021.”

France Pégeot, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency

Next steps
All the input received following the publication of the proposed regulations in Part I of the Canada Gazette will be given careful consideration, and the CTA may propose adjustments based on this feedback. Once approved by CTA Members and the Governor in Council (Cabinet), final regulations will be published in Part II of the Canada Gazette. The CTA aims to finalize the Regulations by autumn 2021.

About the CTA
The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator that has, with respect to all matters necessary for the exercise of its jurisdiction, all the powers of a superior court. The CTA has three core mandates: helping to keep the national transportation system running efficiently and smoothly, protecting the fundamental right of persons with disabilities to accessible transportation services, and providing consumer protection for air passengers. To help advance these mandates, the CTA makes and enforces ground rules that establish the rights and responsibilities of transportation service providers and users and level the playing field among competitors, resolves disputes using a range of tools from facilitation and mediation to arbitration and adjudication, and ensures that transportation providers and users are aware of their rights and responsibilities and how the CTA can help them.

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Hong Kong – Rescheduling and refund arrangements of “Italian Baroque – Appreciation Talk with Live Choral Music”

     The programme “Italian Baroque – Appreciation Talk with Live Choral Music” presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, originally scheduled for December 2020, has been rescheduled to 7.30pm from April 14 to 28 at the Lecture Hall of the Hong Kong Space Museum. Patrons with original intact ticket(s) (with stubs) may attend the lecture(s) on the same topic(s) in April.
     Patrons who cannot attend the rescheduled lecture(s) should take their original intact ticket(s) with stubs to the URBTIX Box Office of Hong Kong Cultural Centre for ticket refunds no later than April 28 (Wednesday). Late applications will not be accepted. For details, please visit
     Tickets for each of the rescheduled talks priced at $60 are now available at URBTIX (
     The talks will be hosted by Calvin Lai, while the live music demonstration will be performed by SingFest Choral Academy featuring Dominic Lam as chorus master. Lai, a broadcaster of RTHK Radio 4, tutor, speaker, and writer, has gained a wealth of experience in presenting classical music and educational programmes to a wide audience. He also honed his skills and served as a technical score advisor for filming classical music performances. Lai is a co-author of a collection of articles about classical music and related stories published in 2007.
     The series consists of three talks (conducted in Cantonese). Lai will guide the audience through three topics of vocal music in the Italian Baroque era, from its origin, development and propagation. Details of the lectures are as follows:
April 14 (Wednesday)
Topic: Where it All Started
To trace the origin of Baroque music, the focus is on two epoch-making composers: Claudio Monteverdi, who put new energy into opera as a genre, and Giovanni Gabrieli, who excelled in the use of space and contrast.
April 21 (Wednesday)
Topic: Among Italian City-States
To introduce remarkable composers from various Italian city-states in history, and the characteristics of their works, with a special focus on Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, composer of Stabat Mater. He was a genius of great talent and influence, who unfortunately died at a young age.
April 28 (Wednesday)
Topic: Reaching High and Far
To focus on the propagation and changes of the Italian style in Europe at an earlier time, and how it transformed into the Baroque style.
     For telephone credit card bookings, please call 2111 5999. For programme enquiries and concessionary schemes, please call 2268 7321 or visit