Amazinum: Rebranding and Expanding the Range of Data Science Services

 The outsource data science solutions provider has already established itself as a reliable and highly-professional company. And today, Amazinum team announced that they have completed a major rebranding.

The company is scaling and expanding its services to business consultancy, enterprise AI, ML solutions development.

Amazinum currently offers services in the following areas:

– Machine Learning

The company assists in implementing computer vision, natural language processing, developing prediction algorithms, etc.

– Data Analysis

The clients who search for developing data analysis, may entrust Amazinum to build data pipelines, ML and AI models, their training, analytics and reporting.

– Artificial Intelligence

The company adopts ready-made as well as build custom AI solutions for various industry fields.

– Cloud Solutions

Storage is the work with GCP, AWS, development and adjustment of service infrastructure.

– Big Data

Data scientists collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data to provide improved maintenance and flawless operations for business.

– Data Engineering

Data literacy, collection, ETL, pipelines, infrastructure will be accomplished prior to building intelligent data products.

– Python development

Reliable Python development company provides highly-professional back-end specialists to work with business solutions.

“Data science plays a big role in business development, scaling and directly affects its success. People who devalue the contribution of data are missing out on many opportunities.” -Oleksiy Tsebriy, CEO and founder of Amazinum.

The company focuses on e-commerce and retail, healthcare, marketing and advertising, customer services, entertainment, sports, gambling. Having experience in these areas and knowing the specifics of these fields, all the smallest details are taken into account about the work.


Oleksiy Tsebriy




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