RealRate’s U.S. Construction Ranking 2022

 U.S. Construction Ranking 2022

The new Construction ratings for 2022 have just been released by RealRate.

These are the top three US Construction companies with best financial health, measured by Economic Capital Ratio:

KB Home – 2108.49%

NVR – 2035.51%

Century Communities – 1464.37%

The complete rating of 44 companies is published on their website.

Founded in 1857 as Kaufman & Broad in Detroit, Michigan, KB HOME is an American homebuilding company. They rose from 3rd place in 2021 to take the top spot this year. NVR are a lot newer, starting out in 1980, and is one of America’s biggest homebuilders, serving customers in large swathes of metropolitan America. They hold onto their 2nd spot from 2021. Century Communities is even newer, founded in 1994 and make a good comeback to the RealRate ratings this year with an excellent 3rd spot.

CEO Dr. Holger Bartel: “The U.S. Construction industry was worth a colossal $1.6 trillion in 2021 and it was widely expected to increase that during 2022. It rose in total volume by 8% between 2020 and 2021, with some of the biggest ever recorded figures for private construction. Three construction companies recorded revenue of over $15 billion in 2020.”

About RealRate:

RealRate is an international rating agency based in Santa Clara and Berlin, founded in 2021. Using cutting edge explainable Artificial Intelligence, we provide fair company ratings avoiding any conflict of interest. Combing AI and expert knowledge, financial strength is evaluated based on the published annual reports. RealRate provides rankings for dozens of industries, like insurance, IT, real estate, food and pharma. Only the best rated companies are awarded with the RealRate seal of approval.

Contact details available on their website.


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