FriendMatch Ranks Bristol as #1 City in UK for Friend-Searching Online

 Bristol has been declared the top city in the United Kingdom for people actively seeking to make new friends in a new report released by

Data was obtained from user traffic on the website to create a report on the top ten most active friend-seeking cities in the United Kingdom.

Rankings were based on a compilation of several factors, including longest average time spent on the platform searching for new friends, bounce rate score (how long visitors stay on FriendMatch after finding the site in a search), number of visits, number of visitors, and number of registered members on the friendship-based site. has a similar service model as an online dating site, but serves people who are seeking friendship instead of romantic encounters.

“While this headline might seem to conclude that Bristol has a loneliness problem, it doesn’t need to be interpreted that way. What we see is a city with residents who are willing to be innovative, and use modern technology to expand their friendship networks – the use of FriendMatch can be an indicator that Bristol citizens are ambitious friend-seekers who can adapt to technology. We are very pleased to be able to help this city’s residents to widen their friendship circles,” says Katie Hartle, Founder of FriendMatch.

“Friendship is extremely important for mental health, but it is about more than that – having good quality friends can make life more fun! It is so important to make friendship a priority, and this is exactly the action that Bristol residents are taking by using our service to make more friends,” says Hartle.

Globally, the United Kingdom it the second busiest country in the world on out of over 200 countries on the site.

The top 10 loneliest cities in the UK, according to the report based on the last 12 months of traffic are:










Newcastle Upon Tyne

About FriendMatch

FriendMatch is an international social networking service that helps people meet and make new friends, both locally and worldwide. It is a place to make real connections, whether online, to talk to and connect from afar, or in person, for coffees, walks, or to hang out.

Launched in 2011 on Dragons’ Den, FriendMatch has answered the question, “How to make friends?” for more than 6 million people and counting.

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