Author Rachi Ngaine Presents a Compelling Memoir Filled with Trials and Victories

Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles › Christian Living

About the Author:

“Been There, Done That: Recounts of a Lifetime Journey” is a heartwarming memoir that details the author’s personal experience of survival, endurance, and perseverance. Despite daunting economic and eminent deprivations, the author coped with challenges of growing up in a traditional learning environment from early childhood in his native Kenyan village. The book is an excellent exploration of the highly nuanced dynamics of a family. Above all, it’s an enlightening reminder of God’s sustaining grace in times of hardship and tribulation.

The book affirms a typical family’s basic value system. The story impresses upon a family’s legacy of faith and character… Focus on quality education and life, heritage, identity, dream-fulfillment, a sense-of belonging, and solidarity are inspiring.