QURECA Are Bridging the Gap Between Quantum Academia and the Workplace

 “Quantum Algorithms for Computational Finance” is the newest release for the QURECA platform, joining “Quantum For Everyone” and “Introduction To Quantitative And Computational Finance.” All three courses have secured certification from The CPD certification service.

“Quantum For Everyone” is a non-technical course that aims to introduce learners to quantum technologies and their applications. The course will discuss quantum buzzwords, business uses for quantum technologies, as well as personal uses for quantum technologies.

Steven Stern from Zapato Computing said, “The ‘Quantum For Everyone’ course was informative and well produced. It delivered a balanced presentation describing the fundamentals of Quantum Computing coupled with what’s important for organisations to consider.”

“Introduction To Quantitative And Computational Finance” and the newly released “Quantum Algorithms for Computational Finance” form a two part series titled “Quantum Computing For Finance.” The series aims to provide learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of quantitative & computational finance, as well as quantum algorithms for their implementation on quantum computers.

The educational series, led by instructors from QuantFi, includes a number of coding exercises to support learners in building programming skills. QURECA is also collaborating with Strangeworks to provide a unique integrated platform accessible to all learners, to practice the programming exercises covered in the courses and gain hands-on experience with quantum computing.

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, CEO of QURECA says, “We are extremely proud to be working with QuantFi and Strangeworks on this series. We hope that the course provides real value and that people can take the skills they learn during the series and implement them into their working life.”

As an early bird bonus, QURECA are taking £200 off both of the courses within the series, meaning an almost 30% discount for those that purchase both courses. The “Quantum For Everyone” course also currently has a 90% discount for students.

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