Quebecois author Benoit Blanchard follows up with second novel in “Cyberbrain” series

The author’s sophomore effort in the dystopian novel series should further spur discussion about the manipulation of technology, especially when aimed at suppressing free will.

Laval, QC, Canada – WEBWIRE

More than five years after publishing the dystopian near science fiction novel “Cyberbrain,” Benoit Blanchard published an equally exciting and explosive sequel, titled “Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel” (FriesenPress; 2020). While the events in the first book take on a moral and ethical dimension, the story in the second book takes place amid a socio-political backdrop of surveillance and foreign intervention, while also adding fuel to the big pharma conspiracy theory.

“Cyberbrain” protagonist Max Wilson returns, this time, having settled in Canada where cybers – the neural implants that are designed by billionaire doctor Patrick Kobayashi to eliminate crime by stifling criminal thought right in the brain – are still illegal. Along with Dr. Warren Alston, Max continues his fight against the Cyberbrain program by helping smuggle devices that disable cybers without surgery into the U.S.

Meanwhile, it’s election season in Canada, and Kobayashi lobbies for a maverick politician Richard Lane, who intends to introduce the Cyberbrain program in the country, despite opposition by his own party.

A mysterious man who calls himself “Guardian Angel” threatens Dr. Alston and others who work to eliminate the insidious threat of the cyber. He carries out his threats through murder and attempted murder. Who is the “Guardian Angel” and how is he connected to the Cyberbrain program?

“Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel” should bring home certain themes and topics previously explored in different media, such as the 2002 film Minority Report, the 2011 film In Time, and media franchise Judge Dredd: the debate of free will and determinism, self-perception, and the effect of high technology on human thought, politics, and legal systems. Like its predecessor, the book deserves a movie or TV series adaptation.

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Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel

Author | Benoit Blanchard

Published date | 2020

Publisher | FriesenPress

Book retail price | $25.99

Author Bio

Benoit Blanchard is a graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal. Although he has never worked in engineering, he has studied economics extensively in the past few years. “Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel” is the second book in his “Cyberbrain” series; the first book, “Cyberbrain,” was published in 2014. He lives in Laval, Quebec, Canada.