“Property Quadrants,” Will Be Free on Amazon Tomorrow (03/07/2022)

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Nichole Lewis’s new book, “Property Quadrants: The Passive Income Formula – Own Your Financial Future Through Real Estate Investing.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store from tomorrow, March 7th through March 11th.

Property Quadrants is a concept Nichole Lewis was inspired to create in relation to property investing after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer” book that explains his cash flow quadrants. “Property Quadrants” examines the four ways that real estate investing works and takes the reader through real life stories of how Lewis has helped people turn their lives around using the formulas outlined in the quadrants. The real life examples also list all the numbers on passive income portfolios and explain how to get there.

Lewis inspiration is around shedding the shackles of stress and struggle. She has made millions, lost millions and had to start all over again with nothing. Her path back to making millions after experiencing the struggle of loss, has inspired her to write her book in order to show people how to secure their financial future through real estate.

The way Lewis sees it is that property is either your biggest cost, making you cash poor; or your biggest asset, making your cash rich. “Property Quadrants” shows how anyone, no matter where they are starting from, can use property to become cash rich and help others do the same.

Quadrants One and Two explain cash poor property, how making an emotional purchase means that you have to pay your mortgage or mortgages out of your wages. Effectively this leads the majority of people to being cash poor and living a life of struggle. That is why 80% of investors only have one investment property.

Quadrants Three and Four explain cash rich property. Quadrant Three demonstrates how to work with property to make active income. As well as lump sums of cash to buy the lifestyle you want and get the deposit for investment property.

Quadrant Four outlines Lewis’ formula to buy passive income property. Once you have passive income, you secure your future as you no longer rely on a job and you can pay your family home off quicker and buy those quadrant Two properties without draining your pockets.

“Property Quadrants,” by Nichole Lewis will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (03/07/2022 – 03/11/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SJXGF53

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About the Author:

Nichole Lewis bought her home at 22, then her first investment property at 23. Within 10 years she had made millions in property. Now, with over 20 years of experience in real estate, she helps people replace their corporate salaries with passive income in 10 years or less no matter where they’re starting from. As a full-time property investor and recipient of several property awards for her ability to generate incredible deals Nichole has become known as “the queen of property”. With a background working within global corporations as an international speaker, keynote speaker and mentor, Nichole has created the Property Quadrants concept to revolutionize what real estate can do for you.