Author and Psychologist, Ruth Cherry, PhD, Guides Readers to Embrace the Love That Exists for Us Now

San Luis Obispo, California – WEBWIRE

It is said that love makes the world go round. Everyone wants to be loved and to love. However, we may question—Am I worthy? What’s the catch? Is it safe or will I be disappointed? How do I hold on to unconditional love? Will it be snatched away if I mess up?

Drawing from her own life experience and her expertise helping others, Dr. Ruth Cherry integrates psychological and spiritual dynamics to support healing for the individual. She has practiced psychotherapy for more than four decades. She has also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Facing her challenges has drawn her attention deeply inside. She recognizes the immense wisdom and power that live at our center. She teaches readers how to access that healing power for themselves in “Accepting Unconditional Love.”

Presenting a step-by-step guide to transformational healing, “Accepting Unconditional Love” leads readers into and through their own shadowy inner world. For each of us at our essential core we experience wisdom and power that is completely personal. By trusting this wise guidance, we open to a healing which our intellect can’t comprehend.

“Accepting Unconditional Love” is available in both physical and digital forms on Amazon and on Dr. Cherry’s website,