PROPRE CO., Ltd., a Korean Eco-friendly Neutral Soap Manufacture is Entering the Indonesian Market

Probubbly by PROPRE is a korean soap brand offering product made from highly concentrated natural ingredients with various functions, such as skin aging prevention, spot and blemish removal, skin firming, wrinkle and whitening enhancement. The company holds various certifications, including US FDA mineral ingredient certification.

The biggest advantages of PROPRE’s natural neutral soap manufacturing process are its purchasing of various raw materials necessary for soap production, it has red ginseng soap, eggplant soap, peanut soap, mushroom soap, honey soap, and bamboo salt soap, at low cost, and its combining of various natural herbal ingredients, such as red ginseng, eggplant, and castanea crenata shell, to eliminate the need for chemical components. PROPRE korean natural neutral soap products are differentiated by technology that does not degrade even when exposed to water for a long time.

The company offers solid natural neutral soaps and scooping-type acidic soaps in Korea, as well as squeeze-type for personal use.
In 2020, PROPRE was approved by the Indonesian government and successfully entered into an export sales contract with a local company.

CEO Lee Choong-soo said PROPRE’s goal is to lead the trend of change in the global market and become a leader in the future technology of korean eco-friendly neutral soap.

PROPRE is committed to being a leader in eco-friendly neutral soap technology not only in Korea, but across the world.

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