PONTE HEALTH Announces Sports Tourism Master Plan for Fort Pierce, Florida

 PONTE HEALTH, a privately held health real estate development company based in Orlando, Florida, recently announced plans for a Sports Tourism District to be located in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Sunrise Sports District, named after Fort Pierce itself being the Sunrise City, is slated to include facilities for sports competition and training; hotel and short term housing; commercial, retail and food and beverage venues; and performance and medical buildings. PONTE HEALTH plans on the development of Sunrise Sports District to span at least 750 acres, getting direct access from Florida’s Turnpike.

PONTE HEALTH has engaged in discussions with City of Fort Pierce Officials as it plans to direct private allocations to assist with the improvement of efforts in public health, public schools and sustainability and resilience of public infrastructure and the waterways.

When asked about the planned development, Ponte, Founder and CEO of PONTE HEALTH, states, “I am a Fort Pierce native. I always wanted to come back and help make a difference.”

PONTE HEALTH is a Legal Florida, For-Profit Corporation specializing in the development and holdings of health and medical facilities that are carbon-neutral, technology integrated and data driven; the company’s mission is to help expand the healing community, and they do so by working to deliver the most integrative, most innovative, most high-performing environments for health.


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