PeopleSERVE, Inc. Releases Hirelytics™, a Software Application That Incorporates People Analytics Into the Talent Acquisition & Retention Process

 PeopleSERVE, Inc. has released Hirelytics Inc.™, a cutting-edge application that incorporates people analytics into the talent acquisition and retention process. Hirelytics™ is a stand-alone software that changes the way recruiting firms and human resource departments captures key data points to drive better decision making.

The roll-out of Hirelytics™ coincides with People Analytics Month (#peopleanalyticsmonth), which celebrates professionals who are thought leaders in the collection and application of talent data to improve critical talent and business outcomes. People analytics enables HR leaders to develop data-driven insights to inform talent decisions, improve workforce processes and promote positive employee experiences.

“In today’s talent market, companies need to use every tool available to attract or retain top talent. Technology sector employers are struggling to find IT talent that matches their job requirement skill sets, geographical fragmentation and compensation expectations. To bridge this gap, employers need to understand employee sentiment to inspire talent strategy and ensure that recruitment marketing efforts are consistent with branding initiatives,” said Erik Schwartz, President of PeopleSERVE, Inc.

About PeopleSERVE, Inc.

PeopleSERVE, Inc is a technology recruitment firm servicing the technology sector for over 20 years. PeopleSERVE is powered by Hirelytics™ which enables the user to measure what the market thinks about the company, the skillset requirements, fair market compensation for the role, and how they weigh the organization’s value system and social impact. This data helps bridge the gap between the employers’ needs and the employees’ expectations.

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