Parent-Child-Connect Poised to Release New Story, “Billy Dipper’s Time to Shine” for Children Ages 6-9 This Black History Month

 This February, during Black History Month, Olaolu Ogunyemi debuts Billy Dipper’s Time To Shine, a picture book for children ages 6 to 9 years old. In this highly engaging story, Wade and his Dad discuss the story of Billy Dipper – the brilliant star that refuses to fade.

It’s Starlight day in the celestial heavens, and Billy’s star will be seen from light years away. But when another star learns of Billy’s “spotlight” he becomes jealous and plays a trick on him. When Billy Dipper is faced with embarrassment and bullying, Wade comes to understand his own worth through the story. It’s a struggle Olaolu knows well.

Now a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and stationed in Quantico, Olaolu wasn’t always tough and disciplined. As a child he was bullied because of his difficult to pronounce Nigerian name and his weight. It was his father, an immigrant from Nigeria, who, along with Olaolu’s mother, helped him overcome numerous obstacles growing up in Louisiana and attending college in the south. His father’s strength taught him the importance of family connections, and his mother’s enthusiasm inspired him to become the author of children’s picture books that teach life lessons.

His father also served as an inspiration, having overcome the challenging transition to America and studying in Alabama, a stronghold for racism in the 1970s.

“Billy Dipper’s Time to Shine” features bold graphics and fun facts about astronomy with “Continue the Conversations” questions that spark teachable and memorable moments.

“To our children, a ‘bully’ may be a mean person who makes fun of others. However, the bully in Billy Dipper’s Time to Shine can be any force or system that exists to highlight a person’s failures to demean their worth,” said the author. “The message of this book is that a person, ideology or even a disability can impact our self-esteem. I hope this book gives power back to the reader by increasing self-awareness and help them through challenging circumstances.”

About The Author

Olaolu Ogunyemi (pronounced first name: Oh-lah-oh-lu Last name: Oh-goon-yeh-mee) is a first-generation American of Nigerian heritage. He is an active-duty U.S. Marine (rank: Captain) currently serving as a Communications Officer in Quantico, Virginia. Olaolu’ s military service has enabled him to travel the world. These experiences inform his writing. As the fifth of six children, he is intimately familiar with how Storytime can engage children and create loving and memorable family moments. He has been a teen mentor for 5 years and active duty military for ten years. Learn more about him and Parent-Child-Connect books at

About The Illustrator

Joshua Ogunyemi(Josh O) is the author’s brother. He is a devoted husband, dad, mentor, author and entrepreneur. Despite losing a child, extended periods of unemployment and financial problems in part due to raising a child with special needs, he’s become a champion for others dealing with challenging situations. He is the author of the book “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do.”

Book: Billy Dipper’s Time to Shine

Release date: February 16, 2022

Publisher: Parent-Child-Connect (P2C)

ISBN: 978-1-7374927-4-0 (hardcover) IngramSpark – $22.98

ASIN: B09KN4FLWZ (paperback) Amazon – $12.98

ASIN: B09KTBM195 (eBook) Amazon Kindle – $2.99

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