Hungarian Pálinka Reaches Exciting Milestone in the U.S.

 Proper Hungarian pálinka is now available to ship directly to U.S. consumers through American Pálinka Club, an online platform founded in 2021 that is solely committed to promoting and selling pálinka. This platform marks an impressive first milestone for the Hungarikums in the U.S.

As one of the most important Hungarikums, proper Hungarian pálinka deserves to be shared with the world. American Pálinka Club was specifically launched in the U.S. to cater to consumer needs. The overall objectives of American Pálinka Club are to:

1. Introduce and promote pálinka to people across the U.S.

2. Create a trusted pálinka platform in the U.S.

3. Form a bridge for U.S. consumers to Hungarian pálinka distilleries

“The positive feedback we received right after going live with the American Pálinka Club site was amazing and much more than we anticipated,” said Gary Varsanyi, American Pálinka Club founder. He added that, “Many second- and third-generation Hungarians in the U.S., as well as Americans who have visited Hungary, noted that the platform is a ‘noble cause’ helping Hungarian pálinka to take its place among the world’s top spirits.” Mr. Varsanyi further stated, “This feedback gives us the motivation to carry on with the work, navigate the strict and complex American liquor regulations, and add many more pálinka brands to our portfolio throughout 2022.”

Hungarians understand, appreciate, and respect the iconic and historic pálinka—and, of course, know that no social gathering is complete without consuming the delicious spirit. American Pálinka Club aims to provide thirsty Americans with proper Hungarian pálinka and supply detailed information on the product and its rich past. American Pálinka Club is proud to spread knowledge and facts about Hungary and its products to the widest audience, a key to Hungarikum values.

Connecting American consumers to Hungary’s most prized beverage offers Hungarian distilleries the privilege to sell their products in the largest spirit importing market. After many centuries, it’s time that Hungarian pálinka distilleries make their mark in the world and showcase this exclusive and unique product. In turn, a bridge to American spirit consumers will positively impact the Hungarian economy.

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