PairAnything Elevates Where Food Meets Wine with Foodom

 Foodom partners with Davis-based Pair Anything, Inc. to elevate dine-at-home experiences with wine pairings featuring Scott Harvey Wines. The right pairing is now made possible and can increase the diner’s confidence in their selections, knowing that the food and wine they chose will work well together. All three are female-led companies that are improving consumer enjoyment in the Greater Sacramento region and beyond.

Foodom is a private chef services marketplace for busy families and people with medical conditions that answers the common question: What’s for dinner? The answer is personalized healthy and delicious meals prepared by pro private chefs in your own kitchen in 3 simple steps. Now with the three-way collaboration, Foodom customers, at checkout, can use the Pair Anything software to heighten their dining experience with a wine that perfectly complements their dish. Reneta Jenik, Founder of Foodom stated: “This great partnership with PairAnything and Scott Harvey Wines opens up opportunities for diners to be more adventurous, by trying new things and bringing more excitement to the dining experience, with a great wine selection. As the diners gain pairing skills and knowledge, they may impress and even teach others.”

PairAnything connects Foodom and Scott Harvey Wines, and together helps diners with the right food and beverage pairings to elevate their enjoyment. With proprietary pairing technology and an expanding genome, PairAnything can match the perfect wine to any dish from any cuisine. Scott Harvey Wines President Jana Harvey, along with her husband and Executive Winemaker, Scott Harvey, look forward to this organic collaboration of PairAnything and Foodom. Jana Harvey stated: “Christy Serrato, a partner for many years from PairAnything, introduced us to Foodom and it was a natural fit. Scott and Mollie Haycock’s handcrafted wines are the perfect companion to increase the enjoyment of the delicious meals the Foodom chefs prepare. PairAnything bridges the expertly prepared dishes to our wines.”

In addition to pairing food and wine, PairAnything is connecting synergistic businesses for elevated consumer enjoyment. “We believe harmonious food and beverage pairing enhances the dining experience, by potentially heightening flavors, textures and qualities in the meals. I’m thrilled to partner with Renata, a fellow FourthWave women-led tech founder, and together we spotlight local wineries, like Scott Harvey Wines, representing the best of Amador Wine Country,” said Christy Serrato, Founder of PairAnything.

About Foodom

Foodom is a private chef services marketplace for busy families and people with medical conditions. They’re connecting vetted chefs and busy parents to weekly meal prep in the family’s kitchen, starting at $100. The Foodom vision is to provide every household and vacation rental with its own in-home chef, and to create millions of new cooking jobs. Backed by growth investors, Foodom is currently available in key metros on the West Coast – SF Bay Area, Sacramento, and LA – and they’re rapidly expanding to other target markets around the US. For more information, visit

About Scott Harvey Wines

Scott Harvey’s name is synonymous with Amador Wine Country. His career in wine making in the region spans four decades and he is largely credited with putting Amador County “on the map” as one of California’s premiere wine regions. Scott Harvey Wines produces “Vineyard 1869,” made from the oldest documented Zinfandel vineyard in North America, and represents the gateway to Amador’s unique expression of California’s favorite varietal. Prior to starting Scott Harvey Wines with his wife Jana in 2004, Scott held prominent roles in several notable wineries, including Santino, Folie a Deux, Montevina, Story, and Renwood. Scott Harvey Wines focuses on the best of Amador County Barbera, Zinfandel and Syrah along with select bottlings of Napa and Lake County, and Washington State wines. For more information, visit

About Pair Anything, Inc.

Pair Anything, Inc. is the leading foodtech company helping businesses connect customers to the right food and beverage pairings to increase sales. Businesses, like restaurants, retail stores, wineries and food preparation and delivery services can now integrate the proprietary pairing technology and personalization on their platforms to elevate their customer’s enjoyment wherever food meets beverage. For more information, visit

Pair Anything, Inc.

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