Ostara Systems Obtains ISO 27001 Certification

Ostara Systems Ltd. are proud to announce that they have received ISO 27001 certification, confirming and proving their commitment to maintaining the highest levels of data security.

ISO 27001 is an international standard for the management of information security. It details requirements for implementing and maintaining an information security system, as well as the framework to continually improve this system.

Since its foundation, Ostara has operated to a set of ISO 27001 compliant policies and procedures, aware of the importance of following industry standards with regards to data security. However, over the past year, efforts have been made to work alongside an independent ISO consultant and auditor, to move from just working to this standard, to obtaining the certification.

The Ostara CAFM System contains a huge wealth of information, to be used as a part of our clients’ maintenance management processes. This certification confirms to both our current and future clients, that their data will be safe and secure within the Ostara System.

Further Information
If you would like to find out more about the Ostara CAFM System, and how it could assist your business, or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact Ostara by email, info@ostarasystems.com, or by phone 0844 880 2582.

Ostara Systems Launches Next Generation Sign-In Technology

Ostara Systems are proud to announce that they have recently launched their next generation contractor sign-in technology: The Ostara Bluetooth Beacon.

Working alongside their newly redeveloped and redesigned mobile app, the Ostara Bluetooth Beacon is a small, inconspicuous device that can be installed at a client’s site, allowing engineers to sign-in, and prove that they are on site to start work. If engineers are unable to use Bluetooth, Ostara have also introduced GPS sign-in functionality.

This provides the ability to sign-in to a job using the GPS coordinates of their mobile device, but does not track engineers in any way. The Mobile App will always ask for permission before fetching GPS coordinates.

The Bluetooth Beacon and GPS Sign-In functionality have been introduced as they represent a significant improvement on the existing engineers sign in process. They reduce the amount of administration required by sites, as there is no requirement for staff to organise or retrieve QR Codes for an engineer to sign in. This results in a quicker and less intrusive sign-in method.

By moving away from established sign-in practices such as QR codes, the Bluetooth Beacons and GPS functionality represent a paperless, and therefore more environmentally responsible approach, reducing client carbon footprints.

Additionally, in a world where fully electronic check in processes are becoming standard, the Bluetooth Beacon falls in line with industry standards.

Ostara are proud to announce that as of May 2021, over 1300 Bluetooth Beacons have been installed at client sites, for use by over 3,500 engineers with the new mobile app.

Ostara Systems: Maintenance Management Solution

The Ostara System is a flexible and highly configurable CAFM system, with a focus on legislative compliance and cost control. Ostara are proud to provide its software solution and additional services to a range of blue-chip clients, developing its ever-evolving software to meet the needs of its client’s continuous improvement programmes.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Ostara system, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today by calling us on 0844 880 2582, alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form on our website, or email us at info@ostarasystems.com.