“An Odyssey of Song” by Emily Yurcheshen will be featured in Spring 2022

Yurcheshen’s new release has a knack for bringing out the creative artist in people, inspiring not only readers but also the programs she has opened to people who are struggling to find their authentic voice.

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Emily Yurcheshen, the author of “An Odyssey of Song” (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014), will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022.

This book is a practical guide that will help readers, especially aspiring musicians, in discovering their music and celebrating it while also teaching them how to love and honor their authentic voice. The creative play includes songwriting activities, character sketching, and voice work that help develop their musical talent.

But, before composing music, the author teaches readers how to overcome their insecurities and stage fright in order to face critics and perfectionists who will put them down in the future. She emphasizes this aspect in her lessons because this much is part of life; being rejected and feeling underappreciated is something that every person (or artist) has to go through. She wants them to know that their authentic voice is something to be proud of despite the world’s criticism.

“An Odyssey of Song” not only inspires them how to discover their authentic voice, but it also prepares them for what comes next on their journey. And by the end of this “learn-by-doing” journey, they will have achieved musical success based on their own goals and desires. What’s more, this workbook teaches people how to nurture creative energy and self-expression—that they feel grateful for investing in themselves.

According to Miguel Trujillo, Amazon Reviewer, he loved the book because it helped him nurture his creative energy, “… this book has helped me to recognize the importance of my inner artist.” Now, he sees creativity as a vehicle that supports his own personal growth.

A remarkable and inspiring book with “5-Star Reviews” from Amazon Readers, including Verified Purchasers, that Amazon Reviewers highly recommend reading, especially for struggling musicians who are working through blocks and insecurities around creativity and self-expression. Overall, this emotional and spiritual program will help them in becoming more confident, creative, and free to express their ingenuity in new and exciting ways.

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An Odyssey of Song

Author | Emily Yurcheshen

Genre | Self-help, Creativity, Music

Publisher | CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published date | November 5, 2014

Author Bio

Emily Yurcheshen is a singer/songwriter, music teacher, and a mission promoting personal and planetary peace through music, creativity, and communication. With a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the University of Oregon, she graduated Phi Betta Kappa. Emily went on to receive a Master’s of Arts in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College.

As a child, Emily loved to sing and dance with her father but never imagined she would be a musician and published author until she was guided on a healing world odyssey that opened her to hear the songs and stories in her heart. She watched a cremation ceremony on the Ganges River in India, trekked the hills of Nepal, and moved to Portugal where she started hearing melodies and words that she jotted down in notebooks.

During her European odyssey, she was also introduced to energy work and took workshops for two years learning about chakras. She also taught her first creativity workshop there, where ten teachers came to her house for twelve weeks to explore their creativity. Discovering she had a gift with creative unblocking. Emily continued her studies by becoming a certified in Sound Healing in Spain a year later.

Emily combines her passion for music with her progressive educational background to create, perform and inspire. She has taught thousands of people to unblock their creativity, find their voice, play an instrument, and write songs. She teaches classes and private lessons in singing, songwriting, guitar, piano, and ukulele. She’s also a travel writer and leads workshops and retreats worldwide on creativity.

“A Galactic Odyssey” by Gordon E. Abbo, author of “A Meeting of Two Worlds,” will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022

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The LA Times Festival of Books will feature Gordon E. Abbo, author of “A Galactic Odyssey in Spring, 2022. This is the third book in the Two Worlds Epic series that has sci-fi fans swooning for its new release—packed with action, thrills, adventure, romance, and surprising revelations that will keep readers turning pages.


The story begins when an amateur astronomer, George Abooli, encounters a race of friendly aliens called Reptons who want to make contact with the humans, and they work with George in establishing such. However, trouble is brewing in the Middle East with the threat of war.


The third part of series, set in the future, tells of humanity’s return to Earth after the devastating nuclear holocaust which has resulted in worldwide disaster, forcing the survivors to retreat to the thriving human colony on planet Tau Ceti 4.


With the re-colonization of Earth a bust, the Reptons bring their friends Paul Collins and Heather Dixon aboard as members of the mixed Repton/human crew on the Te Laposo, a super starship on a mission to find habitable planets and return to Tau Ceti 4 to report. However, during their journey, a malfunction in the hyperdrive flings the ship and her crew thousands of light-years across the Milky Way. They end up over 50,000 light-years from Tau Ceti with no way to return home.


“A Galactic Odyssey” brings out the space explorer in readers, transporting them to different planets, making friends with peaceful aliens, battling hostile aliens, and dealing with the dangers of certain astronomical phenomena. On top of that, Gordon’s third book is a vision of the future in which he not only knows about astronomy and space travel, but also about the human condition and the perils of living. There is a lot of social commentary.


According to J. Weldon, Amazon reviewer, “there is the urgency of warfare, suspense of being lost in space, plus meeting of a variety of life and lifestyles on the various planets, which makes it difficult for readers to put down. If you like Star Trek, you’ll like these books.”



Books by Gordon E. Abbo:

  • “A Meeting of Two Worlds”
  • “A New Beginning”
  • “A Galactic Odyssey”
  • “The Warrior Woman”
  • “The Earth Archivist”
  • “A Human Uprising”


Coming soon: “Return to Earth”



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