Elijah Norton Focuses On Good Customer Service

Phoenix, AZ, United States – WEBWIRE

Elijah Norton, the Executive Chairman and President of Veritas Global Protection, is a leader, innovator, influencer, and successful entrepreneur. His company, Veritas Global Protection, offers dealerships car service contracts, GAP insurance, vehicle protection solutions, and other services.

Elijah Norton got his start in the business in 2011, when he opened his direct marketing call center with only two employees. This business quickly became profitable, bringing in $10 million per year. He oversees three businesses with a combined revenue of $75 million per year. This accomplishment is likely due to his desire and knowledge of the auto repair contract sector.

Running three thriving businesses at the same time is no easy task. The Executive Chairman and President of Veritas Global Protection, Elijah Norton, takes it all in stride. He believes that the success of this company is due to its responsiveness. 

They show clients that the organization cares about their needs by phoning them back. Norton also recognizes that a company cannot be successful in a single day.

Before a company can achieve all of its objectives, various things must be considered. For example, Elijah Norton believes that Veritas Global Protection’s success is due to its responsiveness to consumer feedback. Elijah Norton has been working on this method of business growth with Veritas Global Protection Services for a long time, and he understands it can be applied to almost any industry.

Quality service is the core of a successful business. Veritas Global Protection wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have happy customers and partners from the person who answers a claims call to our client support team and even our Executive Team. They take service to heart in everything they do.

Veritas Global Protection takes pride in providing exceptional service, from lightning-quick response times for claims to unequaled responses for their clients. Their claims representatives are highly competent and friendly, and their customer service is second to none. Veritas Global Protection’s primary goal is to provide peace of mind to their consumers and clients worldwide.

The constant effort to innovate and offer new ideas and solutions for its consumers and clients, according to Elijah Norton, has propelled Veritas’ rapid growth. 

Veritas has partnered with some of the country’s largest dealer groups and agencies because of its commitment and ambition.

For business owners, growth isn’t always crazy, but it’s preferable to grow steadily than to go through ups and downs. Norton aspires to inspire other entrepreneurs who want to break through and start experiencing success.

Elijah Norton is the CEO of Veritas Global Protection, a global leader in car finance and insurance. By delivering high-quality car service contracts and vehicle protection goods, the company aims to satisfy its customers. They also provide GAP insurance and F&I products to dealerships in the United States, Chile, Canada, and the European Union.