Norff Releases Third Album Overmorrow

¬†Originally intended to be his second album before an entire body of work took it’s place, Norff has pressed Overmorrow. An album initially announced in June of 2020, it has been in the mixing lab for the entirety of this year, with Norff holding select songs for this particular release.

Executive Produced by Mike Barkhoff and distributed through his outlet Live Free, Overmorrow sees Norff collaborating with his typical rap posse, from 12Digits and Gee Mak on 2 songs, to 69ERRAS covering six. Housed across fifteen tracks, Norff also took Barkhoff’s advice, creating more independent tracks, longer runtimes on a few tracks, and enlisting a new speciality to his technical rapping abilities – the craft of storytelling.

Overmorrow released December 25th, 2021, on AudioMack as an exclusive. By the time you’re reading this, odds are it’s on all streaming platforms. If not, it will be soon.

Keep in tune for more Norff.

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Mike Barkhoff




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