Drip Trip’s “The Nightmare After Love” Out Now

 Drip Trip has Released the new single “The Nightmare After Love” from his upcoming debut album “Borderlined Personaliti.” This new album is released by Black Theory technology.

“Borderlined Personaliti” has 7 songs that were recorded between July 2021 and October 2021 in Detroit, MI, Columbus, OH and North Carolina. As typical, Drip focuses on how to express your feelings and the depths of the sadness and bliss that we face within.

“I wanted people to understand that it’s okay for us to feel and express ourselves freely. Judgement will come, but that should not shut you up,” said Drip. They went on to say that, “You should expect to learn more about how you can simply use your words with truth and conviction, and you will be free from the constraint of your mind.”

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