NFTKidsJandE to Launch New NFT Collection

 NFTKidsJandE are two home schooled brothers creating a bright future together through crypto and NFT marketplaces. Their new collection is set to launch Feb. 12, 2022 for collectors to purchase images of dinosaurs and asbtract art.

Undercover Dinosaurs and Bunny Treasures, their first collections on Opensea are well known and what sparked and drove them to continue to create is all of the support they’ve received throughout the start of this venture. “There’s an incredible bond between everyone on the NFT Marketplaces and we are honored to be a part of it all,” said NFTKidsJandE. “Our creations are all 1/1 designed from the two of us working together and if you’re curious, but don’t want to create, then buy an NFT and support a great artist.”

The two brothers will be giving back to their community through the contribution of 10% of sales to a local animal shelter later in spring.

Twitter: @NFTKidsJandE


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