Next-Generation AI Content Creation Platform That Aims to Save Time

Vilnius, Lithuania, 15th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, eniAI, a visual and textual content creation platform, has released an update, allowing users to utilize more than 14 different artificial intelligence technologies. Individuals and businesses can save time and streamline their content creation process with ease. The platform uses next-generation artificial intelligence technology to generate high-quality visual and textual content quickly and efficiently.

“Our goal with eniAI is to help businesses save time and resources while creating high-quality, 100% ready-to-publish content that resonates with their target audience,” — eniAI team.

eniAI offers a range of features to make content creation fast and easy, including an intuitive interface, customizable pre-made templates, and an extensive learning hub. Users can also take advantage of the platform’s AI-powered content suggestions, which help them generate ideas for their next blog post, build social media content strategies and get lists of top-performing SEO keywords.

“We believe that eniAI is the future of content creation. Our platform is designed to help businesses stay ahead of the curve by creating content that resonates with their target audience and drives results.” — eniAI team.

Learn more about eniAI visual and textual content creation platform and start your free trial with up to 1,500 words and 10 images.

Congruent Labs, the Next-Generation of Cybersecurity, is Disrupting the Cryptocurrency Industry with their Identity and Access Solution

Canberra, Australia, June 12, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Congruent Labs, an Australian-based cybersecurity and identity management company, is working to disrupt the outdated cybersecurity industry by making their sought-after services accessible and affordable today.  

In an effort to revolutionize a critical service that helps millions of businesses in the face of breaches, hacks, and information theft, Congruent Labs is leveraging the decentralized application technology on blockchains to make affordability a reality.

“We’re building the future of cybersecurity, identity, and privacy, all bundled into one,” said Timothy Quinn, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Congruent Labs. “Back in 2017, our team was tired of seeing the high costs and complexities in the cybersecurity industry, which made it almost impossible for any person or business to easily secure themselves. We wanted to make online security affordable and accessible – so we did.”

Two months ago, Congruent Labs launched Signata ($SATA), a cryptocurrency project designed to wrestle back control of personal online information that has been seized by big tech companies. By developing the Identity Guard & Anonymity Framework (IdGAF) in conjunction with the release of the token, Congruent Labs is behind a decentralized, jurisdiction-free, and privacy-preserving solution to online identities.

“This cutting-edge technology in the world of security will ensure we can provide a zero-trust payment, authentication, and authorization so online platforms can reduce the cost of compliance and payments management,” said Quinn. “These systems will operate using common standards through a series of smart contracts and public off-chain systems.”

Congruent Labs recently announced they will integrate Signata with Chainlink Oracles to power its on-chain identity management system. The integration will build the necessary linkage between blockchain identity management systems and the off-chain identification of risk for real-world use cases.

Congruent Labs is also working on additional projects with the SATA Token, including Signata Crypto, and Signata MFA. They plan to continuously release additional tools, tokens, and services that will change the cyber security industry forever.

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